Mom Trying to Make Friends Accidentally Texts and “Flirts” With Woman’s Husband

A mom over 40 is just trying to make friends with another mom but instead, she accidentally texts the woman’s husband — for a year! Details ahead.

Those of us who are, ahem, over the age of 40 can relate to a creator who laments in a TikTok post about the difficulties of making friends once you’re a bit older.

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“Well this is embarrassing,” she captioned her post, which recounts how the mom, who shares content using the handle @thealphafam, got to know her kid’s friend’s mom. She says, “I really like her.”

But texts turn to a deeply uncomfortable situation with this budding friendship. Read on for the full account of the cringey story.

A mom’s innocent texts get “flirty” accidentally.

As the creator related, she occasionally texts the mom that she is wanting to be friends with about school, band, and more.

But recently, she asked the mom via text, “Hey, do you want to go to the Memphis Tigers game this weekend?”

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That’s when things got weird, with the person she thought was the mom said “something about their wife.” Wait, what?

“I’ve been texting this kid’s dad for like the last year, thinking it was the mom,” the humiliated creator then shares, laughing at her own messy mistake.

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That’s right; in her efforts to “be the mom’s friend,” she was unintentionally hitting on her husband. Not the best way to start a friendship!

But as the creator noted at the end of her short video, the friendship probably won’t happen now.

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“The mom probably thinks I’m trying to flirt with her husband,” she says, horrified by the snafu. Meanwhile, all we can say over here, is “Yikes.”

“Being old is f—— weird,” is the mom’s final thought on the accidental text love triangle.

“All’s well that ends well” — This story gets a happy ending!

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Happily, the creator soon shared in an update that everything turned out OK. She also explained how the wrong number blunder even happened in the first place.

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As the creator laid out in her update, at one point she saved both the mom and her husband’s phone numbers under the mom’s name. When the dad, whose wife had shared the creator’s number to help coordinate a carpool, texted her back about a ride for the kids, the creator got the numbers mixed up!

After all of this was brought to light, the creator messaged the mom via Instagram, and, yikes again, she was already aware of the mistake. The mom said that her hubby had sent her screenshots of the texts. Well, that’s uncomfortable.

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The good news is that according to the creator, the mystery is now solved and new friends have been made. The mom doesn’t suspect that this woman was up to no good, and gets the entire mix-up.

“All’s well that ends well,” the creator signs off on this update, and we sure are happy that it all worked out without any upset feelings or suspicions — although we are glad to have gotten a good story out of it!

Meanwhile, another huge takeaway from the creator’s share is how young she looks for being over 40. Happily again for all of us who are in the same age bracket, and felt rage with jealousy if the mom’s skin was just another “accident” of genetics, she confessed to using a filter on TikTok, and using Botox, among other skincare secrets.

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