Monster Kody reportedly dead at 57: Tributes paid to Sanyika Shakur on Twitter

Former Crip member Sanyika Shakur, who was known as Monster Kody Scott, is reportedly dead at 57, AllHipHop has reported.

Former Eight Trey Crip member-turned-author Monster Kody (real name Sanyika Shakur) has reportedly died at the age of 57 on June 6th.

His cause of death hasn’t been confirmed and other details are scarce at the time of publication.

Rappers Vince Staples and Glasses Malone are some of the people who have paid their respects to Monster Kody on social media.

Monster Kody reportedly dead at 57

According to a report by AllHipHop and several tributes on social media, former gang member and published author Sanyika Shakur has died.

He was 57 years old and was known under the nickname ‘Monster Kody’.

Shakur was also known for writing the 1993 memoir Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member in which he opened up about his life on the street.

Vince Staples is one of the celebrities who paid a tribute on social media, writing: “Rest In Peace.”

LA rapper Glasses Malone paid his respects to Monster Kody in a Twitter post too.

Who was Monster Kody?

Monster Kody was born Kody Dejohn Scott on November 13th in 1963 and later changed his name to Sanyika Shakur.

He got his nickname ‘Monster Kody’ at the age of 13.

In 1993, Shakur published his memoir Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member during a solitary confinement at Pelican Bay Maximum security prison.

“I was a criminal. I became a revolutionary,” he wrote in the book. “And people expected me to commit class suicide as a successful writer and become a noted author, and to me, I didn’t want to go that way. I didn’t want to be the go to guy when they said, ‘What about gangs?’ Because that’s not what it’s about.”

People pay tributes to Sanyika Shakur

Many people who were familiar with Shakur’s life and have read his book have paid respects and shared tributes on social media.

“RIP MONSTER KODY. First book I picked up and finished I was in the foot and it was this one, I’ll never forget it!” wrote one Twitter user.

“I remember reading that Monster Kody book when I was in high school,” said another one.

“RIP to Sanyika Shakur formerly Monster Kody. Peace and to your family,” wrote someone else.

R.I.P. Sanyika Shakur.

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