MoonStarter and Cryption ICO is live – DeFi market wrap

MoonStarter and Cryption ICO is live – DeFi market wrap

MoonStarter is launching its native token today. The initial coin offering will end on June 9, 2021. This multi-Chain IDO platform offers to introduce various projects. Its’ experienced team verifies the safety and quality of the projects before adding them to the platform, though. According to the MoonStarter, the verifying process will include non-negotiable criteria. Furthermore, the company will handle the liquidity lock, as well as the project’s different vestings for safety reasons.

MoonStarter offers investors the opportunity to invest in upcoming projects on its platform. Depending on how long and how much a customer is staking his $MNST tokens, he will be able to invest in the upcoming projects on the platform according to a fair calculation based on their Lunar Tier System.

In addition, the company will make IDOs easier for any project in need of raising funds. Projects will also expand their exposure to potential investors and benefit from the company’s expertise in the crypto environment.

What is MoonStarter planning?

The company aims to become the single-stop multi-chain launchpad for specific projects without distinction of the used blockchain. The current project landscape is very scattered and dependent on the used blockchain. However, MoonStarter will offer the possibility to launch projects on one or multiple selected blockchains.

Furthermore, the company will have a due diligence process on every project. That is not always the case, so safety is an additional advantage. MoonStarter will also communicate with full transparency to the potential participants. The latter will need to stake a pre-defined amount of MOONSTARTER tokens (MNST) if they want to gain access to the proposed sales.

MoonStarter also plans to develop an ecosystem offering support options to projects such as incubation, KYC process, or Marketing.

The company will offer MNST token stakers to invest in projects developed on different blockchains based. Besides, the platform will allow the customer to invest in a project without needing to hold any other token than the MNST token on BSC.

During the initial coin offering, 5,000,000 MNST will be available for investors. The price is $0.014 per token. The company hopes to raise $70,000 with the sale.

Blockster token ICO got high ranking. Why’s that? 

Blockster token attracted lots of investor attention after it ranked high on several ICO listing platforms. Blockster is a full-featured social network. It is dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, powered by the BXR token. The network gives the users the opportunity to connect with investors, traders, crypto entrepreneurs, HODLers, project owners, and bloggers. As a result, customers can get all their blockchain news in one place.

BXR’s total supply is 100,000,000. According to the company, it will distribute these tokens with following order: 46% goes to Treasury reserve; 25% – Partnerships & Marketing; 6% – BXR Token Sale phases 5, 6; 10% – Team; 3% – Blockfarm BXR Pool; 5% – Advisors; 4% – BXR Token Sale phases 1, 2, 3, 4; 1% – Blockster Referral Program. Blockster accepts ETH, BTC, DGTX, and USDC in exchange for its native tokens. The ICO price is 1 USD per BXR.

What about Blockster’s features?

MoonStarter and Cryption ICO is live – DeFi market wrap

This network has many useful features. Currently, there are different communities on various platforms that meet different needs. For instance, social platforms like Twitter or Telegram have large crypto following. However, if users want to check live market prices, they have to go to a site like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. And when it comes to debating their opinions, Reddit is the platform of choice for many crypto owners.

Blockster aims to offer all these in one space, so there will be no need for jumping between sites. Instead, the users will be able to connect, network, share information, debate, learn, and trade all in one place.

The company has introduced a well-developed roadmap, which consists of 6 phases. Blockster decided to split its BXR token sale into six separate phases. Overall, the platform will sell 10 million BXR tokens (10% of the Total Token Supply). Furthermore, it will conduct each phase on Blockfunder. The latter is the IEO token launch platform on the Digitex cryptocurrency exchange.

Meanwhile, Cryption is working on an all-in-one-place dApp

Cryption Network launched its new utility token today. A total of 1,458,333 CNTs are available for sale, and the price is $0.12 per token. The company aims to raise $175,000 with the trade.

Cryption is a relatively new project, but it has already attracted attention due to its services. DeFi is an intimidating space for a beginner investor. It also has great potential, but those getting started are confronted with an endless array of Liquidity and Pools Yield Generators to invest in. In addition, there are also a huge number of pitfalls in DeFi. Traders have to be aware of rug pulls, hacks, and other scams. As a result, new investors can easily lose all their funds due to being uneducated about the dangers.

This problem is especially critical when it comes to making Decentralized Finance mainstream. Most mainstream investors are used to investing their portfolios through simple apps with all the functions in one place. However, this type of service is currently rare in DeFi.

That is a massive obstacle to DeFi becoming truly mainstream. While DeFi needs more users to become mainstream, people need all of their DeFi services in one place at first to choose using it.

Cryption decided to fill this gap. The company works to provide a suite of simplified DeFi services. According to Cryption, all of these services will be available through a simple app, which will make the world of DeFi as accessible as possible.

What does the platform offer?

Cryption will have the products available on its Network. So, retailer investors will be able to avail themselves of all the benefits of DeFi easily. Furthermore, the Cryption App will serve as a wallet, as well as a means to access all of these products. The Cryption App is a DApp browser for both the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystems.

There is also PolyDEX, which is the automatic market maker of The Cryption Network. PolyDEX uses an L2 solution. As a result, it delivers zero gas fees. Besides, it features an L1-L2 bridge. The latter allows liquidity to be transferred from Ethereum to Matic.

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