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Mount Etna is active: Watch Sicily’s volcano burst to life today – Film Daily

Mount Etna continues to put on a beautiful but dangerous show today as the active volcano continues to erupt, sending ash nearly seven miles into the sky. The volcano has been active for almost a week, with new eruptions occurring every few days and causing a brief closure of Italy’s Catania airport yesterday morning. 

Mount Etna is one of the few active volcanoes in the world, so its consistent eruptions are getting a lot of attention from Twitter. From concerns to jokes, many users have something to say about the active volcano and its eruptions over the past week. 

Luckily, we braved the heat to check through the threads and found the best reactions to Mount Etna’s eruptions. Make sure you take cover as we dive into these reactions to this week of volcanic activity. 


That’s a lot of FIRE! 


Just be careful in case the volcano becomes active again! 

Record breaking 

This is definitely one for the books. 

Now we wait 

Sadly, that scenario is inevitable . . . . 

That’s a lot 

There really are a lot of them. Not sure what that means . . . . 


Someone must have made a Fire Genasi angry . . . . 

Does this count? 

Not sure, but good question! 



Mother Nature is done 

She is not taking any more of our nonsense . . . . 


What fac-Oh there it is! 

Have any other reactions to the eruption of this active volcano? Drop them below in the comments to keep these threads hot! 

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