Mum transfers inheritance to daughter in ‘smart move’ to stop step-children getting it

A post called ‘AITA for transferring my assets to my daughter’ has left people on Reddit saying she made a ‘smart move’.

It was shared in Reddit’s ‘AITA’ thread this week which sees people asking ‘Am I the a**hole? in certain situations.

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‘AITA for transferring my assets to my daughter’

The post begins with a 28-year-old woman explaining that she had her 9-year-old daughter when she was at college after a “drunken party mishap” and doesn’t know who the dad is.

Her parents “disowned” her so her grandpa took her in. He died two years ago and left her his entire estate.

She started dating her fiancé Max four years ago and he also has two young children that he has full custody of.

They all live together at the house her grandfather left her and split all bills and expenses, but keep the rest of the finances separate.

He “popped the question” two months ago and she said yes. However, they had a fight a few weeks ago over her daughter’s birthday.

She wanted to gift her daughter a pony, but Max got mad for “wasting money”. He then said if she buys one, she has to get his kids ponies too.

“I said sure, let’s split the expense. He told me I should buy it myself since I am rich and it is my decision to buy my daughter a pony,” she wrote.

Woman sets up trust funds and fiancé gets ‘mad’

She understood his point but felt like her daughter shouldn’t have to split her generational wealth as it’s from her great-grandfather.

He left his money believing his granddaughter would pass it on to her daughter, so she decided to make a trust fund.

The woman transferred 50% of the assets she inherited into the account, which has rules regarding reasons she can make withdrawals.

She then set up another trust fund for herself and put 30% the assets into it. The other 20% is mostly the house, land and emergency funds.

Whatever income she earns will be equally split among all the kids, but the inheritance will stay intact for her own daughter’s future.

However, Max found out about it after seeing some related papers in her drawer and got really mad at her for “cutting him and his kids out”.

“He said if I was marrying him, we would be sharing all assets and finances. That it’s not fair for me to keep 90% of my wealth just to myself and my kid when he is sharing all of his with us.”

The fiancé then called her “selfish” and said it’s unfair that her daughter will have a “luxurious life” while his kids have an average one.

Mature man writing his will

Reddit users say it’s a ‘smart move’

Reddit users are in agreement that she is NTA (not the a**hole) and think what she did is actually a really “smart move”.

One person wrote: “NTA – smart move, and easier than a prenup agreement – which I suspect he would have resisted signing.”

“It was disturbing reading this. So many red flags. Run OP, run! This man sounds entitled, and I am sorry to say this, it sounds like he’s got your money on his mind,” said another.

A third person added: “I would have run far far away right after he asked to “buy ponies for both his kids”. Excuse me but that’s MY DAUGHTER’s birthday, not theirs.”

“NTA but consider not marrying this person if he can’t accept your decision. He might have wanted to marry your for your money if he is so bothered by this,” someone else commented.

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