MyCryptoCheckout is Launching its New HOT Token ICO Tomorrow

MyCryptoCheckout is Launching its New HOT Token ICO Tomorrow

MyCryptoCheckout is a crypto payment gateway for WooCommerce and WordPress. The company recently launched its native token. Since the pre-sale ended two days ago, the RWD token’s ICO will begin on June 22, 2021. This token has great potential, and it is already listed on several HOT ICO platforms.

MyCryptoCheckout recently reinvented customer rewards distribution, along with their exchange, storage, and management. According to the company, its blockchain technology will create a rewards network, unifying customers and brands globally.

RWD token offers additional benefits to its holders. Users owning it will receive all rewards in a single digital wallet. Besides, $RWD tokens are interoperable across customer rewards programs and multiple blockchains. Customers can redeem them at accepting stores, exchange for fiat or crypto, store for later, or even sent them to family and friends.

That’s not all, however. The platform is also offering lower costs, which enables easier implementation for businesses of all sizes. In addition, the companies using MyCryptoCheckout’s services will gain instant access to a global ecosystem of potential customers, as well as a network of partnerships. Moreover, MyCryptoCheckout Cashback Rewards Program will utilize $RWD. The company will also establish marketing and outreach programs to onboard additional firms and users.

How does the MyCryptoCheckout Cashback Rewards Program work? 

This program will work for a limited time. Customers will be able to earn up to 5% cashback in $RWD token on any purchases made using ERC20’s, ETH, BEP20’s, or BNB. All clients of the 2000+ webshops who use the MyCryptoCheckout API are automatically eligible for the program.

However, they will receive cashback only if they spend up to $250 in purchases per day per address. Furthermore, Webshops must be using the API for at least 45 days for users to receive rewards. The company will enter addresses getting $RWD as part of the Rewards Cashback Program into a lottery to receive a bonus. 

MyCryptoCheckout is launching its new HOT token ICO tomorrow

$RWD is a Cross-Chain ERC20 token, and it will trade for 0.01 USD per RWD during the initial token offering. 500,000,000 RWDs will be available for sale (which is 50% of the total supply). The platform will accept ETH, USDT, and BNB in exchange.

The company expects to have approximately 85% of the total supply in circulation at its launch. The team tokens equate to 15% of the total supply, and MyCryptoCheckout placed them in vesting timelock smart contracts. The platform plans to release 1/3 of the tokens at the end of each year.

Why is ARNO token’s popularity increasing? 


ARNO is an actual NANO technology project created for various investments. The company’s native token has one of the highest-ranking on various platforms. Its ICO is live now, and the price is 1.5 USD per token. The sale will end on October 6, 2021, and ARNO accepts ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, XMR, USDT, DOGE, and DASH in exchange for its ERC-20 token. According to the company, the total emission is 50000000 ARNOs. Furthermore, it doesn’t plan to reissue the token. From the total supply, only 4000000 ARNOs are available for sale.

At first glance, ARNO is much like many other ERC-20 tokens. So, what makes it stand out from the rest? It would be the company’s concept and its goals, along with a long array of features and a well-developed roadmap. The platform is currently supporting three Bonus programs, the main one being the Referral Program. The ARNO team also calls it an affiliate program. That implies that this is a type of cooperation between a platform and partners.

It works with the following order – a customer will get a commission if they bring in another user. However, the first person will only be eligible for a commission if a new user registers and buys a certain amount of ARNOs on the platform with his/her recommendation. The team uses the principle of one-level referral links. It means that there is only one level, and the affiliate receives a reward from the purchase of goods made by the referrals they attracted.

Currently, the reward is 5% of the purchase amount of the personally invited users, and the platform pays it in tokens. In addition, ARNO also offers its partners the Airdrop and Bounty programs.


What is this company’s primary goal?

The team has been developing and implementing technologies for producing carbon nanomaterials (specifically carbon nanotubes), as well as intercalated graphene and graphite structures for industrial use over the past few couple of years. Its team of scientists, technologists, and engineers use ARNO’s proprietary additives to store energy, increase the capacity and life of its batteries, improve efficiency, etc.

According to the company, manufacturers of electronic products, power systems, and hybrid vehicles benefit from its technical practice. It enables them to create high-performance and more flexible offerings for their end-users. ARNO plans to continue working in this direction and offer a more advanced product to its users in the future.

For the energy and battery market, intercalated graphite and graphenes and carbon nanotubes serve as rheology modifiers for slurries and pastes used in the preparation of battery electrodes; conductive components of battery electrodes; capacitors for charge storage, as well as porosity and structural modifiers for battery electrodes.

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