MYTV token is very high-ranked. VINUX’s ICO is already live

MYTV token is very high-ranked. VINUX’s ICO is already live


MYTV token is trending right now. It’s the native utility token of the MyTVchain platform. The coin’s private sale has already ended, but the company plans to launch ICO on February 8, 2022. The price of 1 MYTV will be 0.12 USD. The total supply of tokens is 390 000 000, but only some percentage will be available for purchase at the first stages. The platform accepts BNB in exchange for its tokens.

Considering MYTV’s popularity, you may ask what makes this token and its platform so popular? It’s mainly the idea behind the project. Unfortunately, every four years, many athletes have to launch fundraising campaigns if they want to be able to attend the Olympic Games. Non-professional athletes often suffer from a lack of visibility, as well as little media coverage. In addition, private platforms monopolize the broadcasting rights of popular competitions. As a result, they get the bulk of the value generated by sports and advertising. However, MyTVChain aims to change that. The team is committed to giving athletes their rightful place back at the center and enabling them to focus on what really matters.

The company aims to build a new and balanced Sport Ecosystem through technology and innovation. It wants to bring back value to those who deserve it: athletes and fans. MyTVchain claims that it’s the first “Fan2Earn” ecosystem worldwide. In this Sports Ecosystem, real fans will be able to support their favorite athletes in a unique digital sports experience, and they will even earn rewards for it. This platform will become a place where living your passion can make you a living.


How will the MyTVchain platform work? 

MyTVchain is the first blockchain sports ecosystem worldwide that allows real fans to collect ultra-rare legendary NFTs of their favorite athletes. Furthermore, users will be able to watch their competitions live on the OTT blockchain Web TV. The fans will support athletes by anticipating and sharing their performances and, in the process, will earn tokens in a decentralized finance ecosystem.

Moreover, this company offers athletes a new way to finance their careers. Thanks to this platform, they will be able to improve their community’s engagement by giving them a great sports digital experience. The athletes will also generate additional incomes thanks to a 360° Platform combining WebTV Sport, NFT collectible, Decentralized Finance, and Gaming.

The team created its own NFT marketplace. It is currently developing this market with a state-of-the-art design that offers a 360° experience for both Sports and NFT Fans. The users will be able to purchase and collect NFT cards, as well as participate in games and challenges. That will also allow them to support their favorite Olympic superstar Athletes as they deserve.

This marketplace will establish a new and more intimate link between the athlete and the fan. It will give athletes the unique opportunity to increase their reputation. In addition, the customers will get additional revenue from the sale of their NFT card collections. According to the team, each card is unique. Depending on the athlete’s results and the rarity of the users’ card, they will earn more rewards. Thus, fans will become the sponsors: 4% of each transaction made on the marketplace will go directly to the athletes. That will ensure recurring passive incomes.


MYTV token is very high-ranked. VINUX’s ICO is already live


What about MyTVchain’s other features? 

The company launched its own Web TV platform, which is quite popular. It has already attracted more than 850 clubs and sports federations worldwide, including the French National Olympic and Sports Committee. Currently, the Web TV platform broadcasts more than 100 live streams simultaneously every weekend. The team based its solution on a freemium model that allows each sport’s actor to become part of the adventure while also owning and monetizing their content. Besides, they can interact and listen to their communities without intermediaries.

The users will also have easy access to Defi. They will be able to stake and farm their tokens. As a result, $MYTV token holders will have the opportunity to generate passive income. The company aims to offer the best user experience.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain, the MYTV is a standard BEP-20 token. The company decided to lock 71% of the total supply on a governed smart contract after the launch. It will release locked tokens progressively to reward users through the MyTVchain ecosystem. The team has built the $MYTV tokenomics to increase its value with a deflationary mechanism over time. The platform will burn a low percentage of each transaction to reduce its circulating supply.

MyTVchain is a French startup. Its founder Corneliu is an expert in OTT technologies. The team unites high achievers focusing on mutual aid, efficiency, and surpassing oneself. Their Sports Culture is deeply rooted in their values ​​and their way of working.


VINUX has already launched its native token. What does it offer?   

Vinux is the first global marketplace where leading wineries and producers have a showcase for wine consumers from all over the world. This platform allows consumers to have a wide variety of different wines from various countries and wine regions in one place. The clients won’t have to contend with the inconvenience of searching for other options. Vinux guarantees them the best price on the market since they buy directly from the winery.

The company launched its native utility token on December 29, 2021. The sale will end on January 29, 2022. Thanks to the innovative project, VINUX is very trending. Like MYTV tokens, it has one of the highest-ranking on various ICO listing platforms. 

The total supply of tokens is 999999968. The team will use 40% for ICO, while 30% goes to social media, and 10% is set aside for the team members. 20% goes to a strategic partnership. The platform accepts BTC, TRX, XRP, BNB, USDT, XLM, USDC, SOL, and WAVES in exchange for its tokens. It also has a bonus system specifically for its users.

Vinux is not only a wine marketplace based on its own crypto. It is also a multi-project created around the world of wine. This platform offers its customers the best prices thanks to buying directly from wineries. The marketplace will have direct sales of wines from all over the world.

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