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Naughty Dog has said that it is working on “multiple game projects”.

Studio co-president Neil Druckmann mentioned the studio’s current workload during Sony’s CES 2022 presentation.

After commenting on the upcoming Uncharted movie and HBO’s The Last of Us TV show, Druckmann said: “And we’re dying to share with you the multiple game projects we have in the works at Naughty Dog.”

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Ahead of The Last of Us Part 2’s June 2020 release, game director Druckmann said his next title could be a sequel to the title—a story outline has already been written for a potential third game in series—or a new intellectual property.

Fellow Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells said in April 2021 that the studio was still struggling to fully implement a multi-project development strategy, something it first attempted to embrace with The Last of Us and Uncharted 3.

“I would say even today we’re just short of that,” he told the Game Maker’s Notebook podcast. “We definitely have multiple projects, but only one that is getting the lion’s share of focus at any time.

“We don’t have two projects that have several hundred people on them. We have one [project] and then some that are in pre-production, or maybe just creeping out of pre-production, but will have to wait until the main focus has completed before we move everybody off of that project.”

In mid-2021, Naughty Dog job adverts revealed the studio was hiring for its “first standalone multiplayer game”, which could be the result of The Last of Us 2’s delayed online mode having been expanded into its own title.

The studio is also reportedly making a PS5 remake of the original The Last of Us.

Sony’s CES 2022 press conference was also used to reveal the PlayStation VR2 specs and its first game, Horizon Call of the Mountain, and to premiere the latest Uncharted movie footage.

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