NAVC, HEPTA, and CNX are in the spotlight. Why’s that?

NavExM Exchange launched its hot native token NAVC today. The ICO sale will end on October 5, 2022. The price of 1 NAVC is 1 USD. However, its value will increase over time. According to the team, the total supply of the tokens will be 112.5 Billion. The company also offers to make all its transactions through the NavExM Exchange Engine. It will ensure that the platform will route all Trading Pairs (ETH/BTC, BTC/SOL or others) through NavC Token by settlement engine. In turn, the latter will raise the demand for the NavC Tokens and capture the cryptocurrency pair trading values. Moreover, that will incentivize investors to use these tokens on the NavExM platform to get CashBack benefits.

The team members believe that more trading will lead to higher demand for the token, as well as more value appreciation. Besides, the project boasts many interesting features, such as high return on value; NavExM cashback instrument; AMM-based value appreciation; limited fixed supply; a value variance inflationary token; and NavExM Capital Encapsulation Instrument. In addition, there are Exchange Liquidity Augmentation, a high yield for low risk and perpetual growth with NavExM Trading Engine.


CNX token continues rallying. What does it offer? 

CNX-Network token started its token pre-sale on June 1, 2022. The sale will end on September 30, 2022. The price of 1 CNX is 0.008 USD during the initial coin offering. While the total supply is, only some percentage is available at this stage. CNX offers the first sustainable global blockchain technology network. It provides encrypted, interconnected and easy-interface applications that people can use in daily life. However, these apps are running on the company’s own blockchain and currency.

CNX builds platforms that are connected to its network. At the beginning of the project, it offered users a range of 7 quintessential apps, as well as the possibility of the network expanding beyond 100 applications. Currently, the company has more than 200K users. At first, the team introduced the CNX-Miner app, gaining over 200.000 customers. It was enough to start creating its community. With this community, the company will test out all of its applications and make them all a success. The team plans to invest in its users.

Furthermore, it wants to invite all companies and developers with great ideas related to its vision to apply for the CNX Investor program. The company will only introduce high-end products to its community in this program.


What are the CNX’s best features? 

CNX aims to become invested in developing various services and functionalities. It will offer its own NFT Marketplace and a special CNX Prepaid Card. However, these are one of the many services it will provide in the future.

The company’s NFT Marketplace will allow customers to divide NFTs into several “Fragments”. Non-fungible tokens offer ownership of digital artefacts. CNX-Network will call these artefacts “Fragments”. NFT Fragments will be fractions, but in total, they will represent the sum ownership of an NFT. Think of them as partial ownership of a digital collectable or an asset, wherein each piece represents a proportional percentage of the NFT. By controlling all Fragments, the customer will own the NFT as a whole, along with the underlying rights thereof.

Meanwhile, the team will also launch a crypto airdrop. The latter is a promotional event for a new blockchain-based service. Airdrop’s participants will get free crypto coins or tokens. However, users looking to participate in an airdrop require a crypto wallet to do so. Overall, CoinX will have six airdrop events for CNX-Coin holders.

Customers will be able to make transactions all over the world by using the CNX Prepaid Card. The latter will have Visa global coverage. In addition, by using the CNX Prepaid Card app, people can enact simple transactions and purchases. They can even withdraw money from an ATM. Besides, token holders can use the CNX Prepaid Card app on a smartphone or tablet device to get full access to all their card spending.


HEPTA token is also very trending, and its ICO is live now

HEPTA token’s ICO started on July 20, 2022. It will end on August 25, 2022, though. This token is high-ranking on various ICO listing platforms. The total supply of HEPTA tokens is 360000000. According to the team, 35% of this amount will go to ICO and IEO sales. 10% is for reserve, and 30% is for developments. Meanwhile, the company will set aside 10% for marketing and another 10% for its team. 5% is going to reward program. The platform will accept USD, EUR, and USDT in exchange for HEPTA during the initial coin offering.

The Heptagon represents an ecosystem with seven unique projects. When the team completes all components, the HEPTAGON Ecosystem will be finished. This project includes Heptagon Metaverse Area for sports events, Heptagon swap, HEPTA token, Heptagon XR Studios for sports, Heptagon NFT market, and Heptagon Media. The latter will provide global sports news. There will also be Heptagon Foundation for education.


How will this platform work? 

The company announced that it would store all transactions of HEPTAGON on the Blockchain, integrating them with the BSC network. The team created a total of 360,000,000 units of HEPTA in the BEP20 format on the BSC network. It will trade the tokens on the markets, but HEPTA has a fixed supply. That means the team won’t add more tokens once it reaches the maximum amount.

Moreover, the company will burn HEPTAs that are held as reserves, withdrawing tokens from the market in the process. Thus, the team will reduce the token supply over time. That will ensure to increase its value in the process.

 If the company doesn’t reach the soft cap, the team will cover the HEPTAGON developments from its own budget. It will reserve 40% of the soft cap budget for HEPTAGON developments, while 60% will be reserved for marketing.

The HEPTA team is very experienced. Besides, the project has a well-developed roadmap. The company plans to add more advanced features in the future to ensure the platform’s development. Overall, it has strong potential to succeed.  

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