New Covid version’s namesake Omicron token hit record high

New Covid version’s namesake Omicron token hit record high

 Omicron token’s price skyrocketed by 900% on Monday after the WHO named the latest coronavirus variant similarly. Omicron or OMIC has been a relatively obscure cryptocurrency until recently. However, it has surged forward to an all-time high today as a new fast-spreading covid variant acquired the same name. 

Omicron is a bond-based yield farming project. The founder team launched it in early November as a fork of the OlympusDAO Defi protocol. However, aside from the name, it shares no other connection to the coronavirus variant. The latter was first discovered in South Africa on Tuesday. The WHO named the fast-spreading B.1.1.529 strain Omicron after the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. 

The OMIC token rallied to an all-time high of $689 in the Asian trading session on Monday morning. Moreover, the token price soared by an additional 200% on the day, overall gaining a whopping 945% since Saturday when it was exchanging hands around $65.

 Omicron, which is actually a decentralized reserve currency protocol, runs on the Ethereum layer-two network called Arbitrum. Several crypto assets, including the USDC stablecoin and liquidity provider tokens, backed the protocol’s native OMIC token. 

Meanwhile, Binance listed another token on its platform  

Binance announced recently that it would list Render token. The exchange also opened trading for RNDR/BUSD, RNDR/BTC, and RNDR/USDT trading pairs on November 27, 2021. RNDR token is quite popular among traders. 

The Render Network is relatively new, but it has already managed to attract investors’ attention. This platform provides decentralized GPU-based rendering solutions for the metaverse. The team created RNDR as the native utility token. Its holders can use RNDR as a payment currency for services offered by Render Network. 

Render Token offers the solution for widely accessible, cloud-based, P2P blockchain rendering. It will become the primary unit utilized to exchange rendering and streaming services, as well as proof-of-render work on the OctaneRender Cloud (ORC) network, which is OTOY’s cloud rendering marketplace. The token will also allow customers to utilize the wide array of available GPUs in the peer-to-peer network. It will enable quick and reliable rendering facilitated and be kept track of by the blockchain.   

ORC Network

Why Did Binance Decide To List KLAY On Its Platform? 

Users will create accounts on the ORC Network. The platform will automatically link these accounts to the Ethereum blockchain through unique wallets and smart contracts. By purchasing and storing RNDR tokens in their accounts, the investors will be able to exchange them on the network for various rendering and streaming services. During such exchanges, the network will send a request for an RNDR token smart contract to enter a transaction with both parties – the person who requests the rendering services and the person or server processing the render/streaming.

The platform will calculate the cost of the job, and users will be able to pay it in Render tokens. After that, the smart contract will transfer funds across accounts. Customers will be able to withdraw their Render Tokens into Ethereum after the process is over. They can also convert RNDR into fiat currency if they wish.

Kryxivia is launching its hot KXA token tomorrow 

Kryxivia is a fantasy 3D MMORPG that attracted players’ attention due to its interesting features. While this game is playable on any modern browser, it is directly available on the company’s website at According to the team, a whole ecosystem awaits new adventurous players eager to collect Kryxit. In this world, players will be able to earn cryptocurrencies and unique, rare NFT while having fun simultaneously. 

Users will be able to build their own character and fight in dungeons against bosses. Furthermore, they will loot from farming special items, stake their currency in the bank, and even cast spells contained from magical gems called Kryxit. They can link the latter to their items for accessibility.  

The platform will enable users to trade their looted Kryxit and other items in an in-game auction house as NFTs on any compatible decentralized marketplace. The team noted that the e-power of users’ equipped pieces of stuff helps to know what their true value is in the Kryxivia world. 

The company decided to launch its tokens on the Binance smart chain, thus ensuring scalability and low chain fees. It will start the ICO sale on November 30, 2021. KXA token’s price will be $0.015000 during the initial coin offering. However, only 4% of the total supply will be available for purchase at the first stage. The team aims to raise $150,000 with the sale. 

How can users earn KXSs and NFTs? 

To loot items, farm Kryxits, and KXS tokens, players will have to enter the mine located near the big mountain around Kryxivia city. They will find different types of dungeons rooms inside. Users can play with their friends in a group and collect rewards. However, all loots are different kinds of Kryxit, and they offer different spell elements. 

By successfully entering a room in the mine, players will sometimes find items or Kryxit dropped by the monsters they just killed. The value of such rewards is based on the difficulty level. At higher levels, they can even find KXS tokens. Furthermore, players can export their dropped objects as NFTs and speculate on their potentially high value on the auction house, as well as the website marketplace. 

In the City, users will find a Bank where they can deposit their items and KXS. The platform will automatically reward them for locking their bank contents to invest in the city expansion. The latter is an innovative town in constant development. 

DoragonLand is another exciting game. Its team is also planning to launch ICO on November 30, 2021. 9,000,000 DOR will be available for purchase for the price of $0.020000. That is 1% of the total supply. The team’s fundraising goal is $180,000. 

This 3D tower rush game integrates the battle card gameplay and blockchain technology. As a result, it creates fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors where gamers can duel with others to collect rewards of DOR tokens and NFT items in real-time. DoragonLand takes players into an immersive gaming world. Users can build their strong combat troops and fight against others or the system in different battle modes.

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