New Hampshire primary live: Trump and Haley clash in pivotal Republican vote

Ray Spinosa attends Donald Trump’s January 22 rally in New Hampshire © James Politi

On the sidelines of Donald Trump’s Monday night rally in New Hampshire, several supporters shared their reasons for backing the former president.

Debra O’Donnell, 53 a former pre-school teacher wearing a T-shirt saying “Jesus is my saviour, Trump is my president”, lamented high inflation and rampant immigration, and that the US was losing its “boundaries of what’s right and what’s wrong”.

“I think we need to bring God back to the country,” she said.

Ray Spinosa, 80, a retired government employee, said it was “time to get the primary over” and get Trump elected again. “Look at what he did with the economy, with the war, with the border. You had a much better country, and you had freedom of speech, which we don’t have anymore,” he said.

As for Nikki Haley? “Her support of Ukraine is unbelievable, okay? Her support of not going along with the border wall is unbelievable. She’s a [George W] Bush type person . . . she’s part of the establishment,” Spinosa said.

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