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Activision has showcased two new Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps.

The game’s latest maps are Grime, which is set around a derelict London canal, and Checkpoint, which is based on Rebirth Island’s Stronghold.

They’ll be released on May 1 as part of the Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update.

Activision has released a trailer for the new maps, which is viewable at the top of this page, and also published guides for Grime and Checkpoint.

“Deploy to an abandoned hub on the bank of a derelict London canal,” reads its Grime guide. “The deprecated SKN Comms building looms over the center near a boat launch, bar, and café offering the glimpse of a once active corner in England’s capital city.

“The small- to mid-sized urban landscape offers a mix of alleys and thoroughfares paired with tight interior locations, the canal at the bottom providing a stealthy means of crossing to the other side.”

The Checkpoint guide reads: “Bring the fight to the Stronghold area of Rebirth Island, renamed Checkpoint in this mid-sized Multiplayer variant featuring a condensed version of the environment with a greater focus on ground level combat.

New Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps showcased

“The upper walkways and the comms tower are sealed off here, and the Road is barricaded off from the main island, centralizing the battle around the main Gate.

“Breach the Armory and Garage in the central building or skirmish outside on the Road or out back in Roundabout. There are environments suited to all playstyles here, with the best Operators moving seamlessly through the map.”


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