Ninja Warriors ICO (NWT) is trending. What about its game? 

Ninja Warriors is a new immersive game with great graphics and advanced features. The team based this platform on blockchain technology. It unites Play-To-Earn (P2E) and Move-To-Earn (M2E) models. The company aims to offer customers an innovative platform that will employ both P2E and M2E, as well as use fair tokenomics. The end goal is to gain mass adoption and achieve worldwide popularity. However, the team also wants to make playing profitable for its customers.

The company launched the platform’s native utility token on February 9, 2023. The Ninja Warriors ICO sale will end on May 10, 2023. The NWT token is quite high-ranking on various ICO listing platforms. Its total supply is 900,000,000. However, the team allocated only 25% of this amount for the initial coin offering. According to the company, 20% goes to stakes, and 8% is set aside for marketing.

The project’s founder and CEO is Jason Cheng. He aims to create a universe where users play an engaging game and earn money in the process. The Ninja Warriors platform will allow them to have fun, and it will be profitable. Besides, Cheng hopes to create a powerful community that tackles the physical and financial challenges of the Defi space one step at a time.

Ninja Warriors already has its community, and the latter is growing steadily. The project’s primary goal is to improve its customers’ financial position. To that end, it will introduce a fun martial arts-themed game soon. Ninja Warriors will use every advantage of blockchain technology to provide its players with a superior platform.

How does the team plan to reach its goal? 

The team noted that modern life is very busy and stressful. The time accelerated, and people were always in a rush. They need to study and work and study again. The process of self-development never ends. And truthfully, it can often be overwhelming. Because of modern lifestyles, many people suffer from emotional or physical burnout. Moreover, some of them feel that time spent not making money is wasted.

Ninja Warriors want to alleviate stress and offer people a chance to profit while actually enjoying themselves. Instead of a hard and long working process, they can earn money by simply playing the game they love. The team took inspiration from Japanese martial arts. This popular culture has attracted hundreds of thousands of people’s attention over the years. Thus, the company decided to build an ecosystem where gamers would be able to study this culture through Defi gaming.

However, Ninja Warriors isn’t your typical “beat them up” game. It is much more than simple fighting mechanics. The company aims to build a rich blockchain ecosystem with many benefits and interesting twists.

Furthermore, players will be able to truly own their Ninja Warriors. The platform issues every character as a unique non-fungible token (NFT). Thus, gamers acquiring their character will actually get one in the whole universe token.

Besides, the project’s internal economy will operate as a web 3.0 marketplace. Players will be able to use the platform’s native $NWT and $DBUSD tokens for investing and trading. They can also earn token rewards.  

What about Ninja Warriors features? 

$NWT and $DBUSD fuel the Ninja Warriors ecosystem. Each token has its own specific functions within the game. Thanks to them, the project will maintain profitability and economic stability in the long term.

According to the team, the Ninja Warriors ICO (with the ticker – $NWT) is at the core of its ecosystem. It has various utilities. Users can trade these tokens or level up in the game by using them. Moreover, if the Ninja character’s vitality depletes, players can wait for it to regenerate gradually. But they can also speed up the process by buying more energy with $NWT. Gamers will be able to purchase apparel and weapons for their Ninjas with these tokens, as well.

The company plans to add several other utilities to this token over time. It will also encourage community members to make proposals about the project’s future development.

 Meanwhile, Dragon Ball USD (with the ticker – $DBUSD) will have other utilities. This is a stable token, and as such, it will always maintain its value in relation to the U.S. dollar. The team believes that having a stable token within the ecosystem will benefit its customers.

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