No Lie: I’m in Love With This Apt2B Sectional Couch

Besides me, the first person to see the new Apt2B couch was my mom, who was staying with me for the holidays. As my guest (and someone I can definitely trust to give me her unfiltered opinion), I was excited to have her as the guinea pig for the pull-out. When she walked in she immediately smiled, “It’s truly beautiful Sam, great choice.” I agreed. That evening, I pulled out the bed for her with ease (and without any help) and put it away just as effortlessly the following morning. Of course, I had to ask my mom about how comfortably she’d slept on the bed, and while she initially said it was amazing, she later admitted that her shoulder injury was acting up after the night she’d spent on it. Perhaps not a dealbreaker for everyone, but definitely something to consider for anyone with persistent pain. In hindsight, I should have upgraded to the memory foam mattress; instead, I ended up getting a memory foam mattress pad, which helped her sleep more comfortably the following evening. 

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