No Need to Put Away Those Shades Yet Because ‘NCIS: LA’ Is Coming Back!

Is NCIS: Los Angeles on its last leg? Despite being on the air for 13 seasons, fans of the show have worried that it could potentially be reaching the end of its run, as previously hinted by some key cast members.

On Dec. 1, 2021, Eric Christian Olsen, who’s played Marty Deeks on the show since 2010, made an Instagram post ahead of a new episode — one that very quickly got many fans talking.

The post featured him dressed in Deeks’ NCIS uniform (bulletproof vest, gun, and all) in what appears to be a forest.

“We about to get back into it. #ncisla #whysoserious #Kenisdown #thefinalseason? #letsgo #newepisode #sunday #cbs #jk #butyouneverknow #macguyver #hawaii50 #ncisnola #celebratewhatwehave #embracethejourney,” the caption read.

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Originally posted 2019-04-06 00:36:02.

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