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Olivia Rodrigo meets Joe Biden: Join Twitter as fans react to this strange collab – Film Daily

Popstar Olivia Rodrigo took a trip to the White House today to spread the word about getting vaccinated, and now folks all over Twitter are freaking out about the “Good For You” singer potentially getting to meet President Joe Biden. Of course, like always, fans couldn’t help but also post a few jokes about Olivia Rodrigo’s special visit to the White House. 

Let’s take a look at all the best Twitter memes that have been going around here. 

Yes to vaccines

The “Brutal” singer stepped foot in the White House to meet with President Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci to discuss vaccinations, and of course, Twitter is going crazy. 

Us vs. Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is meeting with President Joe Biden at just eighteen years old, while we’re here scrolling through Twitter . . . .

The new president? 

Twitter also joked that Olivia Rodrigo was at the White House to take the spot of President from Joe Biden. Hmm . . . Maybe in 2024? 

Millennial problems

When Olivia Rodrigo blew up, everyone from young preteens all the way to old adults were jamming out to her music. This must be exactly how millennials feel jamming out to the eighteen-year-old’s heartbreak songs. Oh, well. We can’t help that her music is really just that good. 

Jackie Kennedy vibes

Fans also couldn’t help but notice that the superstar was channeling some strong Jackie Kennedy energy for her outfit today. We’re absolutely here for it. Just look at how cute those white heels are!

Eighteen years old

Seriously, can you believe Olivia Rodrigo’s really only eighteen years old? Amazing. 

“Good for you, you look happy and healthy”

She should definitely have sang this song at the White House today. 

Olivia vs. Joe

Twitter strongly believes that Joe Biden has got nothing on Olivia Rodrigo. 

“Not me”

Her songs really do line up perfectly. 

What really matters

After hearing Olivia Rodrigo’s latest album, we fully agree all romantic relationships should be banned. 

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