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The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games are just days away with the Opening Ceremony scheduled to begin at 8 pm JST on July 23. With the Games set to go ahead without any spectators at the venues, those hoping to catch the action live will have to tune in on their TV or online.

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The 2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony is almost here. After being postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer’s games will take place in Tokyo from July 23 until Aug. 8.

 Though thousands of Olympians from across the globe are currently arriving at the city’s Olympic Village, the event won’t officially begin until the Olympic Opening Ceremony this Friday.

Typically a star-studded affair with thousands of spectators, this year’s event will be significantly scaled back — but spectacular, nonetheless. Read more below for everything you should know to watch the 2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

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When does the Olympics Opening Ceremony start?

The opening ceremony is planned for Friday, July 23, in the evening, Tokyo time. Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone of the United States. The ceremony will begin at 7 a.m. EDT.

  • NBC is airing its first-ever live broadcast of an opening ceremony on Friday, July 23, from 6:55 a.m. to 11 a.m. EDT.
  • Next, a special edition of TODAY airs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EDT.
  • NBC’s first Olympic daytime show runs from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. EDT.
  • Primetime coverage begins at 7:30 p.m. EDT and runs until midnight.

How can I watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony?

NBC is home to the Olympics, so tune in to your local NBC station for primetime coverage at 8 p.m. EDT (5 p.m. PDT). You can also watch the games on the streaming service Peacock, and NBC Sports. Watch TODAY and TODAY All Day for the latest news and interviews from those early morning events.

There’s also an Olympic channel on Sling TV, Olympics coverage on YouTube TV, and access with a Hulu + Live TV subscription.

Peacock’s Tokyo Olympics programming will be available to stream for free, with the exception of USA Men’s Basketball live coverage available to Peacock Premium subscribers. It will include live coverage, event replays, and curated highlights of NBC Olympics coverage.

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Below are times for some of the most popular Olympic events. For a full Olympics schedule and access to live streams, go If you are looking at Tokyo time, subtract 13 hours for the Eastern time zone, and 16 for Pacific. (Generally speaking, if an event is planned for the evening in Tokyo, it will be morning on the East coast. If it’s held in the morning, it will appear the night before.)

What Will Happen At the Opening Ceremony?

During the opening ceremony for the Olympics, the host country’s flag — in this case, Japan — is raised, and its national anthem will be performed, for those in attendance. Artistic presentations of music, dance, song, and theater will be shown that represent Japan’s unique history and culture, followed by the Parade of Nations and release of doves to symbolize peacefulness. 

The Games will be opened by the Japanese head of state, Shinzō Abe, followed by the Olympic flag’s raising and performance of the Olympic anthem. An athlete, official, and coach will take the Olympic oath, which is concluded with the lighting of the Olympic flame and a torch relay.

This year’s performance is unknown, though — if past performances are any indication — there could be thousands of performers completing elaborate dance and musical numbers, as well as appearances by Japanese celebrities. 

The musical performers for the Olympics are also unknown at this time; past musicians have included Celine Dion, Paul McCartney, Kygo, Bjork, and Kylie Minogue.

However, the annual Parade of Nations order — where each team presents its flags, athletes, and officials — will be different this year. Traditionally, Greece — the founding country of the Olympics — will lead the parade, alphabetically followed by the rest of the teams and the host country leading the rear.

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For the 2021 Parade at Japan’s New National Stadium, host countries for upcoming Games will also be recognized. This means that, before Japan’s concluding entrance, the French and US teams (hosts for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics, respectively) will march first.

How to watch the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony online for free

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are just days away with the Opening Ceremony scheduled to begin at 8 pm JST on July 23. With the Games set to go ahead without any spectators at the venues, those hoping to catch the action live will have to tune in on their TV or online. 

But don’t worry – with round-the-clock coverage of thousands of hours of competition, you are unlikely to miss a single moment even while watching at home.

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If you’re in Japan, most TV channels will be covering the Olympics in one form or another, but if you plan on tuning in from your computer or mobile phone, two main sites will be live-streaming events and uploading playback videos.

Who is Attending?

The crowd will be sparse at the Olympic Ceremony this year, as international and local spectators have been banned from the event, according to WUSA9. Athletes’ families and friends will also not be attending, though a remote viewing party for Team USA will be held in Orlando, Fla. 

This is due to Japan’s current state of emergency, as COVID-19 cases have risen in the country over the last several weeks. However, the Ceremony will be attended by International Olympic Committee officials, sponsors, and international dignitaries — including first lady Jill Biden. “Today’s” Savannah Guthrie will be corresponding live in Tokyo for the occasion as well.

What Will Athletes Wear?

Athletes for Team USA have traditionally been outfitted on and off of the court by Ralph Lauren and his affiliate brands since 2008. This year, Lauren’s Opening Ceremony uniforms for Team USA aims to celebrate America’s “pioneering spirit and tradition.” 

Outfits feature a sustainably made navy blazer and striped T-shirt, as well as a printed scarf, shoes, and a face mask. Team USA’s flag bearer will also wear a new cooling technology from the brand, called RL Cooling, which will regulate their temperature during the Olympic and Paralympic Opening Ceremony parades.

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