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Our Place Launched (& We Tested) A New Internet-Favorite Kitchen Staple

Despite the copious amount of hours I’ve devoted to watching chefs dart around kitchens, whip up braised short ribs, and run out of time while making desserts on television, I still don’t own any premium cookware. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that Our Place — the geniuses behind the bestselling Always Pan — generously offered to send me its newest endeavor that just launched today: a trio of German steel knives and a black walnut wood cutting board (aka the Fully Prepped Bundle). It’s an enviable-looking set that put my $20 “knives” to shame and finally showed me the importance of investing in quality kitchen tools. With one $230 purchase (although you can buy each item separately), you’re given three razor-sharp knives that cover the average culinista’s cooking bases and a durable-yet-stunning slab of wood to perfect your mise en place on (which breaks down to around $58 per premium piece). So far, I’ve only put the knife set to work slicing up vegetables — but, I’ve already used the cutting board as everything from a plate to a serving platter and even as some humble-chic home decor. Below, see for yourself why Our Place’s first-ever knife and cutting board bundle is a truly worthy investment. (And, also, to discover why I’ve purchased one for my dad for Father’s Day.)

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