Outlander: Blood of My Blood Prequel Officially in Development at Starz

The Outlander universe is officially expanding.

Months after the existence of a spinoff was revealed, we now have official confirmation.

Outlander: Blood of My Blood is the name of the project that is set to focus on Jamie Fraser’s parents, Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser.

“Outlander is a riveting show that from season to season has captured the hearts of its fans around the world,” Starz’s President of Original Programming Kathryn Busby said in statement to Deadline.

“We are excited to peel back the layers of this vibrant world to bring our audience the origin of where it all began.”

Troubling Times - Outlander Season 6 Episode 8

“Matthew, Maril and Ronald will continue to bring their excellent vision and creativity to this new iteration, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Outlander showrunner Matthew B. Roberts is on board to write an EP, alongside Maril Davis and Ronald D. Moore.

Outlander author will be the consulting producer for the project.

Aside from the above, details are scarce.

Till Death - Outlander Season 6 Episode 8

However, Sam Heughan (Jamie on the original series) recently opened up about the project’s existence.

“All I can tell you is I’m not in it, as Jamie’s not in it!” Sam Heughan said in an interview with Esquire, elaborating as follows:

“I believe that it’s a prequel focusing on Jamie’s parents when they were younger, so I guess you might see a young version of him at some point,” he told the outlet.

“But I think I may be a little too old to play young Jamie now! I could play his dad, maybe, or a flash-forward? It is time travel, after all.”

Frasers of Frasers Ridge - Outlander Season 6 Episode 7

And, if you’re worried about what this means for the parent series, the series has already been renewed for a 16-episode eighth season.

It is already in production, so there’s no ending in sight.

It seems in this day and age that every semi-successful TV series will get a spinoff of sorts.

But, the Outlander franchise could span a lot more stories, so we’ll reserve further judgment until we hear more about it.

All Eyes on the Frasers - Outlander Season 6 Episode 7

What are your thoughts on the news?

Hit the comments.

Remember, you can watch Outlander online right here via TV Fanatic.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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