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Pack Up You Desk—These Zodiac Signs Are Likely Getting Fired in 2022

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Unless you own your own business, the fear of getting fired is real for most of us. 2022 is full of opportunity and potential, but for a few of us, these fears may actually come to pass. Unfortunately, these zodiac signs are the most likely to get fired in 2022

Sometimes, when a workplace isn’t a good fit or your company is laying people off, you end up getting the boot. There are three signs in particular that should look out for this serious career change over the next 12 months, largely because of the ways in which the planets are (mis)aligned for them this year.

While all the planets have sway in each of our charts, there are a couple of planets that jump out at me as having the greatest influence on our career. The first of these influential astral bodies is Saturn, the big ringed planet who dominates work, success and dedication. His influence can be felt in our workplace demeanor, as well as how driven we are to gain money and clout. The second planet that’s due to influence whether or not you’ll get fired in 2022 is Jupiter, the gorgeous, massive gas giant. Jupiter controls luck, adventure and many aspects of social success.

While I can’t prevent you from getting fired, I can offer insight into how you may be able to navigate the experience best. With plenty of movement in the stars in the coming year, there are three zodiac signs that are most likely to get fired in 2022. Good luck and know that another great career opportunity isn’t far off!

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In the workplace, Scorpio is usually the one who can accomplish tasks that require persuasion and competition (Think: marketing, advertising and sales). You’re generally a great asset thanks to your drive and passion—but this year, with Saturn continuing to square your Sun sign, difficulties in your career are likely to abound. Eek!

Instead of plotting your revenge if and when you get laid off (Trust me, it’s not worth your energy), think about using this as a launching point for a creative endeavor. Make your next move count, Scorpio!


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Taurus, you have a reputation for being a lazy sleepyhead, which I won’t deny. However, that reputation also needs to be balanced with an understanding that, while you do love luxuriating, you also value steadiness and are persistent when getting tasks done, making you rather talented at repetitive jobs (think data entry).

This year has potential to be a lean one. Scarcity terrifies you, Taurus—how can you prepare in case you do end up getting fired?


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Cancer, you’re a nurturing presence in the workplace. Sometimes you overshare or ask too many personal questions, but generally, you’re a great coworker if you can handle your emotions in a professional way. You’re naturally inclined towards caretaking and protective jobs (Think security in all its forms, as well as healthcare and childcare).

With the potential for job loss on the horizon, can you stay dedicated to your work while cultivating a healthy non-attachment? Your job is NOT your life—prioritize your mental health over your nine to five.

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