Pam Anderson Had a Tense Relationship With Jay Leno in ‘Pam & Tommy’ — What Was It Really Like?

Created by Robert Siegel, Pam & Tommy stars unlikely actors Lily James (Baby Driver) and Sebastian Stan (Fresh) as the tumultuous couple. With near-heartbreaking chemistry and solid characterization, Lily and Sebastian are fabulous.

Though he plays a much smaller role, actor and comedian Adam Ray (The Bellmen) finds his way into Pam & Tommy‘s opening scene as Jay Leno.

In said scene, the audience watches a fictional Tonight Show With Jay Leno interview with Pam as it plays on a TV. As the iconic late-night talk show host casually slips in a comment about the distressing scandal — clearly enjoying the discomfort it causes Pam — we viewers feel the embarrassment and shame emitting from the actress. It’s as if the clip’s intent is to warn viewers of the horror that’s to come in the scenes following.

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