Peter From ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Is a TikToker With Millions of Followers—Here’s Where to Follow Him

If you’ve seen the first episode of Too Hot to Handle season 2, you may want to know where to follow Peter on TikTok. Too Hot to Handle season 2 premiered on June 23, 2021, and already, the show is a lot hotter than season 1.

Too Hot to Handle season 1 premiered on Netflix in April 2020. The reality TV dating show follows a group of attractive (very attractive) singles from around the world as they flirt, date and try not to have sex. The host of Too Hot to Handle is a virtual assistant named Lana, who watches the contestants 24/7 to make sure that they don’t kiss, have sex or touch each other (and themselves) in a sexual manner, otherwise their $100,000 prize money goes way down.

Compared to season 1, which was filmed in Punta Mita, Mexico, season 2 was shot in the Turks and Caicos. Another difference between the seasons is that season 2’s contestants didn’t know they were on Too Hot to Handle. Instead, they thought they were on a show called Parties in Paradise until Lana told them the truth. Also unlike season 1, which released all its episode at one time, season 2 will be split between two weeks: The first four episodes will be released on June 23, with the last four episodes released on June 30. The final difference between season 1 and season 2 is the prize fund. Season 1 split the prize among the 11 final contestants. Season 2, however, will not divide the money, which is sure to create drama at the villa.

Peter Vigilante is one of 10 contestants on season 2 of Too Hot to Handle alongside Nathan Webb, Melinda Melrose, Marvin Anthony, Larissa Trownson, Kayla Jean, Emily Miller, Chase de Moor, Carly Lawrence and Cam Holmes. From the first episode, Peter makes an impression on the contestants (and viewers) when he tells them that he’s a super famous TikToker. How famous? Well, read on for where to follow Too Hot to Handle‘s Peter on TikTok and what else to know about him.

Who is Peter Vigilante from Too Hot to Handle?

Peter is a 21-year-old personal trainer from New York City. Like Harry Jowsey from season 1 of Too Hot to Handle, Peter is the youngest contestant on season 2. In his intro package, Peter explained how he comes from a big family in Staten Island and is especially close with his mom, whom he calls while in his interview. Along with personal training, in which he’s NASM certified, Peter also has an OnlyFans, which costs $30 per month for a subscription. He also has a Cameo where he charges $30 per personalized video for fans. “I’m from the city that never sleeps 📍NY 🗽 I only drink wine 🍷,” his Instagram bio reads. (We’ll explain that second part later.)

What is Peter Vigilante’s TikTok?

@peter_vigilanteI’m in time square baby! Also I ruined my Balenciagas for this so this better pop….

♬ I See Red – Everybody Loves An Outlaw

In the first episode, Peter tells the contestants that he’s a TikToker under the handle @peter_vigilante. When asked what kind of videos he posts on TikTok, Peter explains that most of them are “thirst traps.” At the time of season 2’s premiere, Peter had 2.2 million TikTok followers. He celebrated the 2 million follower milestone in an Instagram post in June 2021. “Insane how far we’ve come, 2 million on this crazy app and I’m planning so much insane stuff for the rest of 2021, stay tuned beautiful people! To the next million! 🥂PS: I promised I was done drinking for awhile, but I knew that would be easier said than done😂,” he wrote.

As for what he posts on TikTok, Peter is correct in how many of his videos are thirst traps. Many of his TikToks also involve him and red wine, such as videos where he chugs a bottle of red wine shirtless as it spills down his body. In celebration of season 2’s premiere, he chugged a bottle of red wine in front of the cast’s billboard in Time Square. “I’m in time square baby! Also I ruined my Balenciagas for this so this better pop….” he captioned the video. Many of Peter’s TikToks also involve his mom scolding him doing things like spilling wine and making messes.

In his intro package, Peter said his TikTok fame has led to an increase in his sex life. He claimed that he receives between 100 to 200 DMs per day from suitors.

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