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PlatinumGames has announced it will release a PlayStation demo for Babylon’s Fall, its online service game published by Square Enix.

As reported by GamesTalk, the PS4 and PS5 trial versions will release on February 25 – a week before the game’s official release date of March 3 – and allow players to experience the early portion of the game.

Players will be able to team up with a group of up to four players in the demo and all save data can be transferred to the final version of the game when it launches.

Those who purchase the more expensive versions of Babylon’s Fall will be able to begin playing the full game from February 28. The game’s first season, “Eternal Tower”, will run from Feb 25 – May 31, alongside a free and paid-for Battle Pass.

Babylon’s Fall | TGA Trailer

Initially described as “a new challenge” for Platinum, the PS4, PS5 and PC action title was first revealed via a teaser trailer in June 2018.

Square Enix then finally re-revealed Babylon’s Fall last summer, describing it as a live service title with significant plans for post-release content.

“The game is developed as a live service title”, Square Enix producer Junichi Ehara confirmed in a Babylon’s Fall developer interview. “Even after release, we plan to regularly provide new content.”

The game can be played solo or in co-op online multiplayer for parties of up to four players.

“You could simplify the concept of the game to enjoying the hack and slash genre with Nier: Automata’s fluid action-based gameplay,” said producer Ehara.

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