Potential UK opening and impact on the pound

Potential UK opening and impact on the pound


The British Minister for Housing, Robert Jenrick, announced the monthly data on confidentiality as very positive. At the same time, according to Reuters, wearing face masks in England will become a personal choice and data that will determine whether locking restrictions can be lifted this month. It is worth noting that the United Kingdom previously moved the deadline for unlocking to July 19, Freedom Day, citing concerns about the Delta covid variant.


Further nervousness about Brexit is renewed after the new leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, in his first interview since taking office, told The Telegraph: The Brexit protocol has damaged Northern Ireland’s relationship with Great Britain. On the same front, the Minister for Brexit, Lord David Frost, told the Sunday Telegraph that the three-month truce in the so-called sausage wars between Great Britain and the EU is a thin line of connection.


On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined plans for the final step in easing COVID-19 locks in England, including guidelines on social removal, wearing masks, and working from home. After imposing the most severe restrictions in the fight against the new coronavirus, Johnson is preparing to lift most of the restrictions in England on July 19, with a final decision to be made on July 12.


The data suggests that cases will continue to rise as restrictions are eased, the government said, but the link to hospitalizations and deaths has been weakened by a good vaccination program. According to government data, the vaccination in Britain was successful, as 86% of adults received the first dose, and 64% received two doses a week. But we must stress that the pandemic is not over and that cases will grow in the coming weeks, Johnson said in a statement issued by his office.


We must all continue to carefully manage the risks of COVID and decide how to protect our lives, and we begin to learn to live with this virus. Cases of COVID-19 are risen in recent weeks, driven by the now dominant variant of Delta, and the final step of easing the lock has been postponed for four weeks to allow more people to be vaccinated. Public health data from England show that vaccines effectively prevent serious diseases and hospitalization from the Delta.I52nvfyz

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