Powder Shampoo Is Better For The Planet — But Is It Better For Your Hair?

“Smell-wise, this formula has a light fruity scent, which is refreshing and not too overpowering. Another of my gripes is that, though the product lends itself to travel (and the brand suggests this is the perfect travel companion in its own comms), in my own experience having commuted into London for several overnight work trips over the last few weeks, I found the packaging can easily lead to spills. The top of the aluminium bottle — where the powder comes out — looks like a classic talc powder bottle or salt shaker, with several small holes. The metal cap lid has grooves that supposed to help it grip onto the bottle, which I had thought was enough security, but found instead that — after one especially bumpy train ride — this can easily be shaken off. I now will be taking extra precautions and taping the lid down, just for peace of mind.”

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