Prison (mems Endless Boogie, Silver Jews, Sam Jayne) releasing debut LP via Drag City (hear a track)

Prison are a loose collective of NYC musicians — including Endless Boogie‘s Paul Major, Mike Fellows (Rites of Spring, Silver Jews) and the late Sam Jayne — who’d been playing together since the mid-2010s who have up until this point been a live-only situation, all about gritty, bluesy, garagey jams. The group’s long-gestating studio album, Upstate, will be released on August 25 via Drag City.

When they made Upstate, the band were Major, Jayne, Fellows, Sarim Al-Rawi (Liquor Store), and Matt Lilly. You can listen to the opening cut, “Hold The Building Up/The Prison Within,” below. It’s a wild, 15-minute psych/garage/punk burner that sounds like they had a blast playing it.

Prison will play a hometown release show on 8/25 at Ripper’s at Rockaway Beach.

1. Hold The Building Up/The Prison Within
2. Hold ‘Em Up/Comin’ Down On Me
3. Low Hangin’ Disco Ball/So Alone
4. I Always Get What I Want/Playin’ Pool With The Planets
5. Destroy/Cookin’ With Heat

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