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PlayStation VR exclusive Moss: Book II looks like it could have had a disappointing release, based on the number of players who own the game on a PSN tracking site.

PSNProfiles, a site that tracks users’ trophy information, lists Moss: Book II as having just 101 game owners across the game’s two skews.

In comparison, Weird West, a game that launched the same day as Moss: Book II, is listed as having over 700 owners.

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It’s worth noting that PSNProfiles is an opt-in service. It’s not currently possible to scrape all of PSN, so every account that’s tracked on the site does so voluntarily, meaning that real sales of the game will be much higher.

However, PlayStation podcast Sacred Symbols (paywalled) notes that the first game, Moss, is listed as having over 20,000 owners across both of its versions.

Moss: Book II is exclusive to PlayStation VR, a headset that’s only supported on the PlayStation 5 via an adaptor that users can order from Sony.

Moss: Book II was received positively by critics, holding an 84 on the review aggregator Metacritic. However, there are only 29 reviews for the game.

During a recent interview, Polyarc Studio co-founder and art director Chris Alderson said that he wants the game to come to other platforms “as soon as possible.”

The original Moss was exclusive to PlayStation VR for around 5 months.

Sony announced in 2020 that PSVR has sold over 5 million units.

The follow-up hardware, PSVR 2, was revealed by Sony last year, however, its release date is currently unknown. 

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