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The original Quake has been given a Horde mode for the first time in its 25-year history.

The new mode, which has been developed by Wolfenstein developer MachineGames, has been added as a free update to the remastered version of Quake released in August.

Horde mode is for 1-4 players and can be played solo, with AI bots, or with friends.

As with Horde modes seen in other games, players will face off against progressively harder waves of enemies.

The new update also includes a free add-on called Honey, which provides a new series of stages in which players “delve deep into the darkness to conquer a deadly plague infecting the land”.

Bethesda released the remastered version of the original Quake for modern platforms in August, to coincide with the game’s 25th anniversary.

The shooter has been updated with up to 4K resolution and widescreen support on compatible platforms, enhanced models, dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field and more.

Quake is available now on PC, Xbox One (including Game Pass), PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with backward compatibility on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Quake has been given an official Horde mode for the first time
The Quake update includes a new add-on called Honey

The full list of additions and changes made in the new update are as follows:

Quake update 2 patch notes

Horde Mode


  • All new multiplayer PvE experience designed by MachineGames
  • Supports 1 – 4 players or bots in local multiplayer and online modes (Custom matches only)
  • Playable on all difficulty levels
  • Includes 4 new maps specifically designed for Horde Mode


  • Score points by killing enemies
  • Kill multiple enemies in quick succession for bonus points
  • Your progression is reset after the last player dies
  • Every 3rd wave has boss monsters but once you clear it, you get a Silver key to unlock more weapons and items
  • After the 9th wave, you get a gold key to unlock the exit, or you can keep fighting as long as you are able
  • Monsters have a chance of dropping quad damage and the pentagram of protection (powerups last for 5 seconds once picked up and despawn if not picked up after 10 seconds)

New add-on: Honey

  • Expand your Quake experience with the free Honey Add-on and delve deep into the darkness to conquer a deadly plague infecting the land
  • For a unique look behind the curtain, check out our Nods to Mods interview with the author of “Honey”, MachineGames’ own Senior Level Designer – Christian Grawer here
  • Read more about how to access Honey here


All Platforms

  • Improved auto aim to reduce amount of snapping and view locking onto enemies
  • Crosshair color and type can now be changed from the Gameplay options menu
  • Add-ons menu can now be used to play previously downloaded add-ons while offline
  • Text chat and push to talk voice chat are now available in pre-game lobbies

PC Only

  • Added ability to invite friends across PC platforms using players on your friends list (optional)

Ranger Skins in Quake Champions and Doom Eternal

  • Owners of our Quake re-release can log in with their credentials in-game to earn the Ranger Slayer Skin for DOOM Eternal and the Quake Guy Ranger Skin with the Gladus Axe in Quake Champions! (NOTE: In addition to owning Quake, players must also own DOOM Eternal or Quake Champions to use their respective skins)
  • Note: Nintendo Switch users can unlock the Ranger Slayer Skin in DOOM Eternal alongside Update 6.66 sometime in early 2022. Stay tuned to the Slayers Club for updates!

Bug Fixes

All Platforms

  • Fixed Death Knight incorrectly referred to as Hell Knight in the main Quake campaign
  • Bots now chat less
  • Fixed cases where texture borders were visible around certain HUD elements
  • Fixed weapon firing immediately after respawning in multiplayer
  • Turning off Enable Microphone before connecting to online services now properly mutes the microphone

PlayStation 5

  • Fixed a crash related to secret levels when loading a save
  • Fixed controller audio not playing in multiplayer when in someone else’s lobby

Nintendo Switch

  • Deadzone and other sliders should no longer have unselectable values
  • Fixed achievement popup getting cut off when the pause menu is active

Microsoft Store (PC)

  • “First Controller” setting now works correctly

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