Report: Mysterious Switch error that halted downloads has been fixed for some users

Nintendo appears to have quietly fixed a mysterious Switch error that had left some console owners unable to download software.

The issue was highlighted last week by a number of disgruntled Reddit users, who explained they were being met with error code 2123-1502 when trying to download content from the Switch eShop — including recently purchased games and software updates. 

Nintendo Customer Support had acknowledged the issue and posted a number of potential fixes on its website, although some users claimed those solutions failed to address the problem. 

While Nintendo hasn’t publicly commented on the problem beyond that, it now appears to have performed maintenance that has resolved the issue for some of those affected. 

As highlighted by Nintendo Life, the Japanese company carried out maintenance on Sunday evening to shore up “certain network services,” and it seems that server side update has stopped error code 2123-1502 from wreaking more havoc.

“Issue appears to be fixed on my end at the moment – will check in again to see if its fixed for others as well,” wrote one Reddit user. “Well, I tried redownloading Fortnite and it’s working, surprisingly. No errors whatsoever. Maybe it was a server issue on their end,” added another.

According to Nintendo’s future mintenance schedule, the company will also fix an issue with the “distribution of update data” on June 29, 2021, but at the time of writing it seems like whatever Nintendo did over the weekend has seemingly stemmed the tide of download errors.

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