Report: Narrative designers and writers laid off at Love Island dev Fusebox

Love Island: The Game developer Fusebox Games has reportedly laid off a number of writers and narrative designers. 

Posts being shared on social media by Fusebox employees and others, many of whom appear to have been directly affected by the layoffs, indicate the cuts came out of the blue. 

“Can’t believe Fusebox would just let go of their narrative team like that. Some of the very best writers in the industry worked their magic on Love Island, […] and they just first all of them. Absurd,” reads one tweet that was shared by a current member of the Fusebox team. 

A quick search for ‘Fusebox’ on Twitter reveals a chunk of posts referring to “narrative downsizing” and the “ditching of so many narrative designers.” As we’ve already mentioned, many of those tweets have been posted by Fusebox employees affected by the cuts who are now looking for work. 

“I’m an award-winning narrative designer and game writer looking for work! I create characters to fall in love with, fall in hate with, or both at once. My interactive narratives make players cry in the best of ways. I love solving problems,” tweeted Fusebox narrative designer Hannah Powell-Smith, who’s also been highlighting job opportunities for others on their feed.

“Hey all! Narrative designer and writer available for work here. Hire me if you want characters you’ll inevitably fall in love with (even though you shouldn’t), spicy window-steaming content, and stories that are authentic, inclusive, and fun. Worked at Fusebox Games, Wooga, & Tales,” tweeted another Fusebox narrative designer, Courtney Byrne.

Gamasutra has reached out to Fusebox, which has yet to officially confirm the layoffs, for more information.

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