Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Premiere and cast revealed

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise are on the edge of their seats wondering what date the animated series will be released, as well as who the voice cast is.

Capcom’s iconic franchise has developed from a horror video game to live-action films, comics and now a TV series, that is set to release on Netflix. The series brings back original characters from Resident Evil 2 video game such as Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

The plot follows Leon as he investigates a hacking incident at the White House. Claire is introduced later than him. Fans were already eagerly anticipating the series, now more so, knowing that we get to see iconic characters return. It is said to be set 8 years after Resident Evil 2 and a few years after the events of Resident Evil 4.

So, When is the release date for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness?

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Release date confirmed

  • Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is scheduled to release on Thursday, 8th July 2021, on Netflix.

The release date for the animated series has been confirmed by Netflix by a tweet posted on 16th April 2021. The original game, produced by Tokuro Fujiwara, was released on 22nd March 1996. The game series celebrated its 25th-anniversary last month.

To watch the anime series when it comes out, you will need an account and subscription with Netflix. A basic subscription to Netflix’s service costs £5.99GBP/$8.36USD a month. Prices can vary depending on the plan you choose.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Official Trailer



Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Official Trailer





Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Cast

The cast features the original members who voiced Claire and Leon in the game, for the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2. The English voice cast are as follows:

  • Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese) and Nick Apostolides (English) as Leon Kennedy.
  • Yūko Kaida (Japanese) and Stephanie Panisello (English) as Claire Redfield.
  • Megumi Han (Japanese) and Jona Xiao (English) as Shen May.
  • Fumihiko Tachiki (Japanese) and Ray Chase (English) as Jason.
  • Kenji Nojima (Japanese) and Billy Kametz (English) as Patrick.
  • Mitsuru Ogata (Japanese) and Doug Stone (English) as Ryan.
  • Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese) and Joe Thomas (English) as Graham.
  • Aruno Tahara (Japanese) and Brad Venable (English) as Wilson.

The remaining cast and crew can be seen here.

Nick Apostolides as Leon Scott Kennedy

Nick Apostolides was born in Boston, Massachusetts to parents, Steve and Dotty. He attended Merrimack College where he was educated in Communication studies and moved to California later in life, to pursue acting.

Apostolides has been active in his career from as early as 2009, where he appeared in a short titled ‘Faceless’. He is well known for his voice acting in video games such as ‘Life is Strange’ (2017) and ‘Resident Evil 2’ (2019). His upcoming role is as Leon in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (2021), it is not known if he will make other appearances in media at this time. You can follow him on his official Instagram account below.

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Stephanie Panisello as Claire Redfield

Stephanie Panisello will be reprising her role as the voice actor for Claire Redfield. Not much is known about her but here is what we could find. Panisello was born in New York, however, grew up in Florida. She is multilingual and can speak both English and Spanish fluently.

She has been active in her acting career from as early as 2012, where she appeared in the video game ‘Phantasy Star Online 2’, which is shown on IMDB. She has also made notable appearances in ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ (2018) and ‘Gears 5’ (2019). As well as this, she has worked on ‘Final Fantasy XV’ on multiple occasions between 2016-2017. Her upcoming works are not known at this time, aside from in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. You can follow her on her official Instagram account below.

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In other news, Crunchyroll releases trailers for three new Isekai anime series!

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