Residents growing weary of illegal activity, increased enforcement focused on 6th Street Bridge

Just hours after LAPD tweeted it would be “closed until further notice,” the 6th Street Viaduct Bridge reopened again on Wednesday morning in time for morning commuters.

The renovated bridge, opened to great fanfare just two weeks ago, has been a frequent target of burnouts, sideshows, takeovers, and other illegal activity.

“People start gathering and you can feel the excitement. It’s palpable,” a longtime resident who identified himself only as Tom said.

The $588 million bridge was closed Tuesday night for the fourth time in five days after being overrun by about 100 bicyclists. Over the weekend, the LAPD wrote more than 60 tickets and impounded six cars on the bridge.

LAPD officers were out in force at the bridge once it reopened Wednesday, handing out tickets – even for small things such as tinted windows.

“If you really want to enforce the law, well come after 6 p.m. You know that’s for everybody that’s causing mayhem and trashing the new bridge,” driver Andres Enriquez said.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore wants cameras, speed bumps and fencing around the archways installed on the bridge. But whatever city officials plan to do, Arts District resident Monica Leall says she wants it to be done sooner, not later.

 “It gets dangerous,” she said. “I was hoping that with time people would stop doing that, and you know, after the novelty wears out. But actually, I don’t know.”

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