‘Rick and Morty’ Is Back — Here’s How to Watch

Millions of people are cutting the cable cord, but although many shows now offer a streaming service alternative to watch, what about the shows that don’t? Global Rick and Morty Day is arriving on June 20 and with it comes a whole new season. We know — we only had to wait one year after the finale of Season 4, which is unheard of in the Rick and Morty timeline.

But Adult Swim is indeed gifting us with another new season, as part of the 70 episode order that they announced ahead of Season 4. And like Season 4, Season 5 will consist of 10 episodes, which means that we most likely have at least five more seasons to go. Hey, Rick did ask for nine seasons after all. Looks like he’ll be getting even more.

While it’s exciting to know that Rick and Morty will be back on our TV screens soon, there’s just one problem — how to watch. If you’re among those who cut the cord, here’s how to watch Rick and Morty without cable.

Can you watch ‘Rick and Morty’ without cable?

The answer is yes, but it doesn’t come cheap. Unfortunately, there’s no way to watch an episode live without a cable package with Adult Swim unless you have a cable alternative. That means that if you have YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV, which all have Adult Swim, you’re in the clear.

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If you have a cable subscription and no TV, you can also head on over to the Adult Swim website and plug in your username and password. You can also catch up on previous episodes there. Some are free to watch, but others still require a username and password.

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Also, unfortunately, unlike many other shows, Rick and Morty doesn’t drop on Hulu the day after it airs, even though you can indeed watch Seasons 1 to 4 on Hulu right now. Plus, as of November of 2020, you can even watch all four seasons on HBO Max. However, neither streaming service has a deal that allows the show to release the most recent episodes.

Adult Swim previously released new episodes on its website. However, it’s difficult to predict what its plan is for Season 5. Currently, some episodes of Season 4 are available without a cable username and password, while others require them.

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Source: Adult Swim

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