Robyn Hitchcock announces new album ‘Shufflemania!’ & shares “The Shuffle Man”

Robyn Hitchcock has announced Shufflemania!, his first album since his 2017 self-titled, which will be out October 21 via Tiny Ghost. Says Robyn: “What is SHUFFLEMANIA!? It’s surfing fate, trusting your intuition, and bullfighting with destiny. It’s embracing the random and dancing with it, even when it needs to clean its teeth. It’s probably the most consistent album I’ve made. It’s a party record, with a few solemn moments, as parties are wont to supply. Groove on, groovers!”

The basic tracks were recorded on a portastudio, and then Hitchcck sent the guitar-vocals files to friends to help flesh out the arrangements. Those included his former Soft Boys bandmates Kimberley Rew and Morris Windsor, as well as Johnny Marr, The Raconteurs’ Brendan Benson, Sean Ono Lennon, Kelley Stoltz, Dr Dog’s Eric Slick, and more.

“To me, most songs are about themselves and how they make you feel,” says Hitchcock. “What triggers them is mysterious. The songs on this record are a series of sub-personalities, fertilized by chance. You might even say they were cards, dealt to me by The Shuffle Man.” With that in mind, the first single from the album is “The Shuffle Man,” which is indeed a lot of fun, a rambunctious garage-psych rave up. “The Shuffle Man is the imp of change,” says Hitchcock, “the agent of fortune. He throws the cards up in the air and leaves you to deal with where they fall. He is the exhilaration of chaos – with fast hands and a stovepipe hat.” Watch the video below.

Robyn also has live dates lined up for this year and 2023. Those are listed below.

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The Shuffle Man
The Inner Life of Scorpio
The Feathery Serpent God
Midnight Tram To Nowhere
Socrates In Thin Air
Noirer Than Noir
The Man Who Loves The Rain
The Sir Tommy Shovel
The Raging Muse
One Day (It’s Being Scheduled)


13 – Falmouth, United Kingdom – The Cornish Bank
14 – Totnes, United Kingdom – The Barrel House
15 – Bristol, United Kingdom – Redgrave Theatre
20 – Hertford, United Kingdom – Hertford Corn Exchange
21 – Reading, United Kingdom – South Street Arts Centre
22 – Deal, United Kingdom – The Lighthouse
23 – Norwich, United Kingdom – Norwich Puppet Theatre

2 – Asker, Norway – Venskaben
4 – Trondheim, Norway – Bar Moskus

10 – Athens, GA – 40 Watt Club
11 – Decatur, GA – Eddie’s Attic
12 – Decatur, GA – Eddie’s Attic
16 – Nashville, TN – The Basement

25 – London, United Kingdom – Alexandra Palace Theatre

MARCH 2023
1 – Glasgow, United Kingdom – Mono

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