Rules of Survival MOD APK Download(Aimbot/Unlimited Resources)

Video games have been drastically improved from the past few years, in terms of graphics and gameplay style android game are competing PC and gaming consoles. This year is time of battle royal games, and some of the best ones for Android are PUGB MOBILE, Free Fire, and Rules of Survival MOD APK.

I have already discussed PUBG and Free Fire, if you want to download MOD APK of these two games then you go to those posts. Rules of Survival is again one of the most popular battle royal games developed and published by the popular game company  NetEase Games.

Rules of Survival MOD APK takes you in the battlefield of 120 players and players who survive till last will win the match. The game takes into the advanced modern world where you’ll get some advanced guns and places to play.  There are almost 300 million people from all around the world playing this game and there are some amazing different kinds of modes to play in the game.


Some people may think that game is free to download and play, so why do we need MOD APK of the game, so the answer is some of the important in-game resources need real money to purchase. So, this is why you need Rules of Survival MOD APK in which you get unlimited Coins, diamonds and Auto Aim, and many more things and you don’t need to spend a single penny from your pocket.

Just stick around with me and I’ll give you a download link to Rules of Survival MOD PAK + normal Apk for those who don’t like versions of the game and OBB data file. Make sure you read the installation details of the game so the game won’t give any kind of errors while you download and install the rule of survival on your Android.

Download Rules of Survival v1.610637.617289 MOD APK


Download Rules of Survival v1.610637.617289 APK


Download OBB File


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Rules of Survival MOD APK Overview

Rules of Survival also follows the same old form of the battle royale game style, where the gamers fight against each other to be last man (or group) standing alive. Players can select any mode to enter in the match from one-of-a-kind modes: Solo, Duo, Squad (4 players), or a Fireteam (5 players, Yes, this game include 5 person mod also).

In all the cases, the remaining person or crew left alive wins the game. There are only two playable maps in the game: Ghillie Island (120 gamers, 4.8km×4.8km) and Fearless Fiord (three hundred gamers, 8km×8km). There are some other amazing game modes including the Gold Mode, wherein the player can earn gold, or the Diamond Mode wherein players may additionally get some diamonds all through the match.

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Rules of Survival MOD APK Quick Description

File NameRules of Survival MOD APK
Size51 Gb + 2.18 Gb
Updated on9 August, 2019
Supported onAndroid 4.1 and up

Features of Rules of Survival MOD APK

  • Rules of survival mod consist of Fearless Fiord sport map introduces a new kind of match named Blitzkrieg, in which gamers can land only on the certain part of the map geared up with a pistol, a backpack, and fundamental armor.
  • Blitzkrieg is supposed to make gamers to fight with one on one and head to head.
  • The match starts offevolved with all players contained in a single area on an island.
  • When the timer is over, players will jump and parachute from an aircraft, land into an island.
  • There are randomly disbursed items inclusive of weapons, armors and medical kits which player need to loot, and motors to be a ride.
  • As other battle royal games, Gamer also can loot killed players for their tools. In the third-person perspective mode, gamers can transfer among third-person and first-person angle.
  • The Rules of Survival MOD APK additionally offers the first-person perspective mode which forces gamers into the first-person perspective.
  • Like the game continue, Safe zone of the game will progressively reduce in length, wherein gamers caught out of doors the zone will take harm.
  • This is how to increase the chance of a come out of the hidden door and face the enemies head to head.
  • While you play the game, keep looking for supply drops which will be dropped from planes, supplying random items which you cannot get throughout ordinary gameplay.

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What’s New and Some More Features

  • Many new things like Super Buffs, Skills: Zombie Status and Infrared Scan, Super Body and extra to find.
  • IMBA Automobiles and Weapons to get in the Rules of Survival MOD APK
  • Easy to manage Construction Mode
  • Fast and secure Revive System
  • Awesome Light Effect
  • Try to survive till last to win the game
  • Absolute fair gameplay(not in our case) with 300 players in the big map.
  • The man who’ll survive till last will win the match.
  • Play in Solo or group mode with 120 or 300 players in the map.
  • Pick up your favorite and best things to be the best
  • Many new types of modern firearms and accessories.
  • You can also Drive cars throughout different terrains.
  • New Time-restricted April Fools’ Day occasion has to be held
  • Some gadgets within the map can be destroyed
  • The setting of firearms deployment: The AR15 Rifle is available in Fearless Fiord map and the number of other rifles has been barely reduced, therefore;
  • Enchanted Flower Music is now made quieter
  • The color of Blue Zone is now optimized and Red Zone at the mini-map;
  • One Problem is fixed in which parachuting gets stuck in complex situations;

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How to download and Install Rules of Survival MOD APK

Follow these steps if you want unlimited everything of Rules of Survival on your Android device:

  1. Download the Rules of Survival Apk or MOD APK from the link above
  2. Install the Apk
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” Option from the security>settings
  4. Download the OBB file
  5. Extract the OBB File and Paste it as Android>OBB>“com.netease.chiji”
  6. Open the game and enjoy

Final Words

My suggestion is that you must download and play Rules of Survival MOD APK at least for one time because its time of 2019 that means the time of battle royal games. If you play PUBG or any other battle royal game then also I think you should give one try to this game.

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I hope you successfully downloaded and installed this game on your Android device if you face any error while downloading or installing the game then comment below with your problem and I will give you the best solution. The game is worth playing if you play it with your friends so don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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