SANGO and ELO tokens are hot. What do they offer?


SANGO tokens appeared on the markets several months ago, but it has already attracted investors’ attention. The team behind the token has great goals, and its project serves an interesting purpose. Sango is actually a trade language. It belongs to the Niger-Congo family’s Adamawa-Eastern branch. In western Africa, people widely use this language. You will also hear it in the southern part of the Central African Republic, as well as the northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, in central Africa, one region wasn’t included in the previous industrial revolutions. This territory is still behind with technological development, but the SANGO team aims to change that. It claims that thanks to its project, the Sub-Saharan region of Africa will make great progress by 2030.

While this region has a big potential, it needs funds to realize it. But obtaining those funds isn’t easy for local people. However, Sango will ensure that both individuals and companies have more leeway to achieve their goals and bring this country into the new technological era. The team plans to obtain the necessary funding needed for the region’s full development. But it also wants to do that in a transparent and secure way. Thankfully, blockchain offers both. That’s why the team decided to base its project on it.

There is another reason why the blockchain is preferable, though. Cryptocurrencies are already quite popular worldwide, with more and more people using them. And Africa isn’t an exception. Some people prefer using cryptos instead of fiat money on the continent. That’s partly due to the lack of banking and financial systems access. Cryptos are more easily transferable cross-border.


What are Sango’s goals? 

The team created its native utility token SANGO to help raise funds. It also has many other benefits. The token holders will profit from participating in the project. The team launched the ICO sale on July 25, 2022. It will end on July 31, 2023. The total supply of the SANGO coins is 21,000,000,000, but only some percentage is available for purchase at this stage.

According to SANGO’s founders, this project is a Crypto Initiative. The Central African Republic National Assembly started it, while the Presidential Office supports it. The Republic wants to create adequate conditions to develop a new digital monetary system. Moreover, it aims to focus on future infrastructure development. However, the government needs to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchains to achieve that goal. Once finished, though, this project will change the African continent’s course, bringing many benefits.  

As a Bitcoin Layer-2 solution, Sango will power a new digital monetary system. It will take the evolution of digital currency to new heights. This project stands out among the others because it has backing from the republic. Most countries issue strict regulations or outright forbid using cryptos in their territory due to their decentralized nature. But the Central African Republic encourages it and believes that the future belongs to Defi. Despite that, it’s important to do things legitimately.

The government stated that all monetary systems must respect the legitimacy of State laws, as well as its assets. The same is true for the decentralization and security that Bitcoin and blockchain technology provides.


What does this project propose? 

The Sango team developed a strategy to achieve its purpose. Creating a digital-first crypto economy in the Central African Republic isn’t an easy goal. There are too many aspects to contemplate. Still, the team had to start somewhere, and it decided to focus on young people at first. After all, they represent the future. The project will create new jobs and enable people to access technology. It will also encourage the opening new industries, especially those supported by renewable energy. Sango aims to use the country’s resources as well as possible. 

That’s not all, though. The team will also create a legal framework for cryptos and build the African Crypto Hub. Along with creating new jobs, the project will support the educational system and make it more affordable for the native population.

Furthermore, the Central African Republic government is the largest landowner in the country. It plans to facilitate land purchases directly in Bitcoin and SANGO. That will encourage investors to move to digital currencies. Meanwhile, crypto enthusiasts will have a great opportunity to use their tokens.  

The authorities will free crypto-related activities from taxes. As a result, businesses and individuals using digital currencies will enjoy additional benefits. The government hopes that attracting crypto-related businesses will create new opportunities for economic growth in the republic.

Besides, Sango will tokenize some resources in the country, and investors will be able to buy them through blockchain. They can exchange those tokens later and profit from their investments. 


ELO tokens got high-ranking on various ICO listing platforms. Why’s that? 

ELO is a trending token. The team launched its ICO sale on September 3, 2022. The sale will end on November 27, 2022. The total supply of tokens is 500,000,000, but only some percentage is available at this stage. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, USDC, SOL, and USDT in exchange for its native token. 

Elomax is the creator of ELO. It aims to build the most adaptable, free, smooth-running, and secure workspace platform in the world. According to the team, the last couple of years has shown people the benefits of working from home. However, existing platforms often lack the necessary technology to offer seamless services, as well as develop further along with ever-changing technologies. The world is evolving, and companies must evolve with them. Elomax is determined to deliver the best platform that will offer an easily accessible workforce to companies. 

It will enable users to become full-time professional Freelancers. Moreover, they will have unrestricted access to businesses, brands, and private clients. The company stated that affiliate program marketing power would maximize revenue with specialized support. That will increase both the quality and effectiveness of freelancers or enterprises. 

Elomax is the first Web 3.0 platform worldwide that offers an automated, peer-to-peer, all-in-one work marketplace. It’ll allow people to work freely by connecting companies with independent professionals and agencies around the globe. 


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