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‘Saturday Night Live’ host Michael B. Jordan knows ‘how that feels’ to be hired for his looks, not his talent [WATCH]

The second 2023 episode of “Saturday Night Live” will air January 28 on NBC with host Michael B. Jordan and musical guest Lil Baby. In NBC’s new promo video (watch below), Jordan is admiring the iconic stage when “SNL” featured player Michael Longfellow comes up behind him and taps his shoulder. Inadvertently channeling his boxing character Adonis Creed from the upcoming film “Creed III,” Jordan swiftly punches Longfellow in the face — twice.

“I am so sorry! It’s muscle memory, ” Jordan proclaims when he realizes what he just did to the “Saturday Night Live” newbie. He explains that back-to-back punches is “kinda how it works,” and then confirms that Longfellow’s nose is indeed “broken.”

Longfellow sighs, “I can’t have a broken nose. I was hired for my looks, not my talent.”

“I know how that feels,” Jordan tells him, as serene music plays in the background. The two guys come to an understanding and they pound knuckles, with Longfellow promising not to tell HR. Jordan then scolds his fist of fury, growling, “Don’t ever embarrass me like that again.”

This marks Jordan’s first-ever appearance on NBC’s late night staple. It’s also the first time Lil Baby has been credited on “SNL,” though he did appear in a cameo in a 2019 episode hosted by Paul Rudd with musical guest DJ Khaled.

Jordan is an Emmy nominee for producing the TV movie “Fahrenheit 451” (2018) and a Screen Actors Guild Award champion as part of the “Black Panther” (2018) ensemble cast. He won multiple critics’ prizes for his role in the original “Creed” (2015), including the BET Award, the Black Film Critics Circle Award, the Black Reel Award and the Image Award. He picked up one of his earliest trophies at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in the category of Breakthrough Actor for “Fruitvale Station” (2013).

So far during this 2022-23 season, the following celebs have hosted “Saturday Night Live”: Miles Teller, Brendan Gleeson, Megan Thee Stallion, Jack Harlow, Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, Keke Palmer, Steve Martin & Martin Short, Austin Butler and Aubrey Plaza. This week is Michael B. Jordan, and next week is Pedro Pascal.

The regular “SNL” cast members for Season 48 are, in credits order: Michael CheMikey DayChloe FinemanHeidi GardnerColin JostEgo NwodimKenan Thompson and Bowen Yang. The featured players are: Andrew DismukesMarcello HernandezJames Austin JohnsonPunkie JohnsonMolly Kearney, Michael Longfellow, Sarah Sherman and Devon Walker.

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