Schneider Electric rolls out its smallest single-phase uninterrupted power supply

The APC Smart-UPS Ultra uses lithium-ion tech and aims to deliver more power in distributed IT and edge computing sites, the company said.

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Schneider Electric has rolled out APC Smart-UPS Ultra, a 3kW 1U single-phase uninterruptible power supply. It is designed to deliver more power, flexibility and intelligent monitoring in the smallest footprint. The APC Smart-UPS Ultra also aims to enable IT professionals and solution providers to address challenges with deploying IT infrastructure in distributed edge computing environments.

The global edge computing market is facing massive growth, growing at 12.5% annually to an estimated $250.6 billion in 2024, according to IDC. The proliferation of digital technologies and smart applications is driving the need for compute, network and storage resources that are localized and in close proximity to enable business-critical processes that rely on network connectivity to the cloud.

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But configuring, deploying and maintaining the supporting IT infrastructure for multiple, geographically dispersed sites comes with challenges, Schneider Electric said. The lightweight APC Smart-UPS Ultra uses lithium-ion technology to power distributed IT and edge computing sites.

It is Schneider Electric’s smallest, most advanced single-phase UPS, the company said. It is designed to be installed anywhere and help businesses save on the total cost of ownership without compromising their power protection needs.

“The past year has changed data needs irrevocably. People now have heightened digital expectations of companies they do business with and will look elsewhere if not met,” said Tarunjeet Sarao, senior vice president, transactional and edge line of business at Schneider Electric, in a statement. “Businesses of all sizes need to be prepared to meet always-on, always expanding expectations and data processing at the edge plays a key role.”

The goal of the new APC Smart-UPS Ultra is to make it easier and more efficient for businesses of all sizes to increase resiliency across distributed IT and edge environments to meet growing data demands now and in the future, Sarao said.

APC Smart-UPS aims to deliver more power in less space

In distributed IT and edge environments there are often significant physical space considerations, with a premium placed on maximizing square footage and operating the space efficiently to optimize IT systems and improve the bottom line.

The APC Smart-UPS Ultra’s compact design aims to deliver more power while taking up less IT space. The APC Smart-UPS Ultra offers flexible mounting options including rack, tower or wall/ceiling mounts, so it can be placed out of the way to allow for more space for IT in the rack, Schneider Electric said.

Effective power management is critical for any IT environment, but regular and effective maintenance of power protection equipment such as UPS, especially across multiple distributed sites, can require costly ongoing OpEx investment, Schneider Electric said.

The APC Smart-UPS Ultra’s lithium-ion battery is designed to last up to three times longer than a traditional valve regulated lead acid-powered UPS and will not need to be replaced under normal operating conditions.

This can help eliminate costly battery replacement, labor and service fees and visits over the life of the UPS. The APC Smart-UPS Ultra can save up to 15% on TCO over 10 years, according to the company, and comes with a five-year warranty.

Better visibility and cloud-based monitoring

Being understaffed or lacking onsite staff makes management, maintenance and service activities such as inspecting equipment, replacing batteries and swapping out failed equipment very burdensome, particularly if assets are highly distributed and geographically dispersed, the company said.

APC Smart-UPS Ultra is EcoStruxure-ready and allows cloud-based monitoring. The system delivers data-driven recommendations to optimize performance and enables wherever-you-go visibility across multiple UPS devices, Schneider Electric said.

Connectivity is available via ethernet port or embedded network port, and the EcoStruxure Ready APC Smart-UPS web portal provides automated, customizable alerts regarding the health of the UPS to make preventative maintenance simpler in order to reduce downtime and lower mean time to repair.

The APC Smart-UPS Ultra is available in North America starting in September and availability for additional global markets will be announced later in the year, the company said.

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