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Shawn Mendes becomes a meme: How did gf Camila Cabello defend him? – Film Daily

Shawn Mendez and his GF Camilla Cabello continue to be relationship goals. The adorable couple recently had a small back and forth on TikTok after Shawn Mendez made an . . . interesting TikTok video to promote his joint song with his GF. 

Shawn Mendez’s video asked fans to show him their best “baby yeahs” in honor of his and his GF’s new song “Kesi”. While he sounded amazing (as usual) the editing of the video was all over the place, including a solid second of him staring at the camera in confusion. Of course, Shawn Mendez’s GF responded like any good girlfriend would: by making a TikTok parodying Shaw Mendez’s failed attempt at a TikTok. 

Naturally, TikTok users were laughing at the shenanigans Shawn Mendez and his GF Camilla Cabello were getting up to with this bit of harmless fun. We searched through the comments to find the best reactions to the Shawn Mendez TikTok fiasco. Check out this OTP and dive into the reactions to Shawn Mendez and his GF’s TikTok videos. 


We guess because we’d expect a former vine star to know how to edit . . . . 

SM Tiktok 02

Giving vibes

Honestly, yeah that tracks. Same energy. 

SM TikTok 03

Try again 

After all, if at first you don’t succeed . . . . 

SM TikTok 04

How many times? 

Considering it took him two hours, the answer is a lot. 

SM TikTok 05


That she did and we give her an A+! 

SM Tiktok 06

Her world 

*nods* Yup, no argument there

SM TikTok 07

Type of GF 

You mean the best type? 

SM TikTok 08

Not blinking 

*Stares back at you*. 

SM TikTok 09

Ship it 


SM Tiktok 10


Aka everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 

Have any other funny comments on Shawn Mendez and his GF’s TikTok videos? Drop them below in the comments to keep the laughs going!

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