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Do you enjoy watching a variety of movies and television shows? Yes, I believe the answer is yes. Every year, modern cinema produces hundreds of wonderful films, television series, and other forms of entertainment. I’ll inform you about ShowBox in this article. This is a fantastic video streaming service that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic? All of the content is contained in a single application. Users are no longer need to install a large number of applications. The ShowBox App for Android, iOS, and Windows has everything you need. Showbox, Are you one of those people who likes to spend the time by watching the latest movies and television shows? If you’re one of them, then this post is for you, because I’m going to share an app with you that allows you to stream the latest movies, TV shows, sports, and news broadcasts.

Finally, the wait is over! Showbox 5.35 apk is the most recent update for 2021. The most recent version of the app is jam-packed with new features. Showbox is one of the most popular movie apps because it has all of the content on a single platform, which isn’t something you’ll find very often.

Previously, you’d have to install multiple apps for each task. You no longer need to download numerous mobile apps because all of this information is now available through a single app named “Showbox App.” See also Showbox for iOS and Showbox for Windows. The most recent Showbox version includes hall brightness options, which allow you to change the brightness of the streaming video to match your surroundings. With it, the contrast is also altered..

Key Showbox Features

Showbox is a fantastic tool for watching movies, music, and TV episodes online. This application is one of the most amusing that we offer. You may download it on your smartphone or tablet and watch all of your favourite videos without missing a beat. Showbox includes the ability to download movies, which many users will appreciate because it allows them to watch videos without having to connect to the Internet. It has a large number of films, TV shows, and music that you can access whenever you want.

You can watch all of your favourite shows even on the go. Showbox is available both online and offline. You can watch the movies in any video quality you desire or stream them. You will not be required to register or log in to access the app’s content, and you will be able to watch the videos right away. You are free to express your ideas and provide ratings to the films, and you may share them with others.

You’ll have no trouble finding the videos and serials you’re looking for. The app’s navigation is simple and quick. It will not force you to use the video player that is provided; instead, you will be able to choose which one you want to use to watch the movies. Showbox has a small number of advertisements that will not annoy you. The user interface of the application is excellent.

App Review

Showbox has a large selection of watchable movies and shows, and you can easily find almost any popular or top-grossing film or content you’re looking for. You can watch all of the videos for free on the Showbox App. It’s an exciting aspect of it, and it relieves the pressure of a hit with the other software, which will force you to buy the movies. Showbox’s most important features and services are all available for free.

Searching is simple, and you’ll be able to discover what you’re looking for in no time. You will feel at ease using the application because it categorises videos according to their genre, such as humour, action, animation, and so on. The user interface is modern and functional. If you haven’t tried this programme yet, download it to your phone and watch all of your favourite shows with no restrictions and complete joy.

ShowBox servers are not working at the moment, we suggest downloading alternative applications for watching movies and TV shows in HD quality:

Previous Versions: ShowBox 5.35 .APK ShowBox 5.34 .APK ShowBox 5.30 .APK ShowBox 5.24 .APK ShowBox 4.27 .APK

ShowBox is a cross-platform universal application that gives you free access to video material. For nonstop access to news, movies, and other material, download the app for Android, iOS, PC, or FireStick. Streaming offers excellent sound and picture quality. You have the option of sharing your material with others. Upload your data to the platform and make it available to all service users.

You no longer need to spend a lot of money on several platforms thanks to ShowBox. Free access to fresh comedic content, movies, and TV series. In the realm of digital streaming, this is a revolution. This programme makes it easier to see what you need. A high-definition video stream is available to users. Many formats and services are claimed to be supported by the developers. Those who value a simple and user-friendly interface will love the application’s technical capabilities and design.

ShowBox App Features

ShowBox TV Shows The functionality of the application is comparable to the top modern services. Here is a detailed list of the most significant points:

  • Access to a library with lots of popular movies, TV shows, and multilingual news channels;
  • Access to paid and free services;
  • Free use of all content. Viewing broadcasts is available in an incognito mode without registration;
  • Settings allow you to change the picture quality;
  • Absolutely all content can be easily downloaded to any device;
  • The convenient library makes it easy to find the necessary content;
  • A separate item is a multiplatform service.

Is it illegal or not?

The legality of service is a topic that many people are interested in. Many businesses have their own applications that are available for a fee. So, is ShowBox lawful to use? The business is teetering on the edge of legality. Many countries’ laws make it illegal to distribute unauthorised versions of certain sorts of content. ShowBox does not keep any information on its servers.

Instead, it offers direct access to torrent files, broadcasts, and data storage. You can use it to compare ShowBox and Google search results. You can’t hold the firm criminally liable for putting links. However, at the request of content writers or legal owners, the service can send these views and data. As a result, you should be concerned about the security of their data ahead of time. You should also be aware that using torrent trackers to download someone else’s content is prohibited.

This is done at the user’s own risk. The service is intriguing because it straddles the line between legality and freedom of choice for its customers. You will have no troubles if you take extra care.

ShowBox latest Update (Info)

The application is at version 5.36 and is 37.50 MB in size. On September 8, 2019, the service received its most recent upgrade. Android, iOS, and Windows are all supported by the app.

The latest version, according to the developers, has a stable update. Performance has improved, and issues with hanging applications have been resolved. The application’s weight has been lowered thanks to external links and redirection to third-party services.

How to Install ShowBox APK for Android?

ShowBox-Menu The key feature of this operating system is freedom of action and no need to confirm user agreements. Android is also the most popular operating system in the world. This allows you to consider ShowBox APK as a great app. Follow the simple steps to install and configure the application:

  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Enable this option;
  • Now you can install third-party applications on your device;
  • Now click on ShowBox APK for Android. This will help start the download;
  • After the download is complete, click on the application to install it. The process does not take longer than a couple of minutes;
  • Now you can click on the icon to start the service. Voila! A multifunctional service appears in your hands.

The process is similar to installing almost any similar application. After installation, there is no need to make any other settings. The service stably connects the user with the torrent trackers. This allows you to get the necessary content without failures and delays.

What’s New in Version 5.36

The updated version of the programme has a more user-friendly layout and is more stable. Sports events, TV shows, movies, and TV shows, for example, work in a more stable frame. There were a few crashes and glitches in previous versions. ShowBox’s latest update addressed earlier issues. The issue with the Internet connection being lost has also been rectified.

Also, keep in mind that ShowBox does not own the rights to the content given via the links. Viewing and downloading are done at your own risk and are illegal. In the event of user identification, rights holders may file a claim. Netflix or Amazon Prime are two options for legally streaming movies and video content.

  • Bug fixed.
  • Internet connection error. (solved)
  • Tv shows section working fine.
  • Movie section working fine.
  • Better user interface.

ShowBox is up & working fine

This website is not affiliated with ShowBox and does not offer APK files. We give visitors with thorough information on the application’s features, functions, and features. Our readers have access to a wealth of copyright information. This page focuses solely on the application and does not recommend that it be used. We provide the most up-to-date information on the service and its new features.

This website is unaffiliated with ShowBox and does not promote copyright infringement. All copyright holders and licenced businesses are welcome to work with us. You can easily get in touch with us. We are willing to work with copyright holders and can remove particular content at their request. This webpage gives up-to-date information about application updates.

Why does the app ask for age & Gender?

When you first start the app, it asks for information about your age and field. Many users are unaware of the true purpose of this feature. First and foremost, this is done to determine the appropriate age group and topic. Adult content is not accessible to minors. ShowBox does not share the information it receives with any other parties. The server keeps track of everything. Only at the request of the rights owner may data be shared. Because the application does not ask for extra information, the actual user data remains hidden.

Customers may not be concerned about personal data collection. The application is unable to acquire information from the device’s owner on its own. This is done to ensure the safety of everyone who has downloaded APK files. This data aids in the classification of torrents and the determination of user priorities. On the application servers, statistical data is stored, which improves search results.

As a result, users will receive better service. The software will also be available for iOS in the near future. This is fantastic news for Apple enthusiasts everywhere. They can now get to the information they need fast and easily.

ShowBox version for iOS

ShowBox and streaming material are not currently available to iOS users. This is a terrible situation with numerous technical and legal implications. That is why many people choose Google’s operating system. Apple users, on the other hand, can address their situation.

Using alternative applications is sufficient. Terrarium TV or MegaBox HD are both viable options. They offer comparable features and can broadcast video while also allowing you to download the stuff you want. These programmes have all of the essential headings, including TV series, broadcasts, and movies, thanks to their multiplatform capabilities.

The clever data search system can help users find the information they need. This shortens the time it takes to find the information you’re looking for. These apps also don’t save data on their servers, instead relying on third-party sources.

ShowBox version For PC

There is no such thing as a fully functional computer. You can use the APK emulator to access all of the service’s options and functionalities. It’s quite easy to accomplish and doesn’t take long. You must first download and login to one of the free emulators.

If you’re new to customisation and don’t know what you’re doing, NOX Player is for you. The BlueStack emulator can be used by experienced users to take advantage of its features. This is a multifunctional application that allows you to fine-tune settings to meet your specific requirements. The service gives you complete access to the application’s features. Complex actions will not be required of users. Showbox will run smoothly, just like on an Android device.

This is a fantastic opportunity to use the service on a PC without having to deal with any additional settings or issues. At the same time, the original version’s technical capabilities are preserved. The screen resolution for users’ monitors can be adjusted. It is also possible to alter the streaming stream’s quality. All components of the application are faithfully replicated, allowing users to access the necessary content. You can download or watch any video from a large library of links.


Can I use the app without buying?

Yes. The application provides free access to all content. Users do not even need to register. Use ShowBox to view streaming content or upload personal data in incognito mode.

Is ShowBox APK Free?

Yes, everything is free, even if you do not need to register with this application. You can use it without sharing your personal data.

What about security? Can I use it legally?

It is against the law to use pirated content. The service, however, does not provide direct access to purchased content. ShowBox incorporates trackers and links to third-party sites. There is also no pornography or adult material. Personal data is not transferred as part of the service’s usage mechanism.

New quality standards are established through new requirements and algorithms. The service now supports video resolutions of 480p and higher. This is true for all types of content. Some materials aren’t depicted in the image. This is in regards to the newly implemented content and rating system. The developers pledge to fix a number of issues and enhance performance in future versions.

Is Showbox safe/legal?

It is illegal to use because it is not authorised by the government. On the other hand, this software will not allow pornography because users are resorting to adult content, which is against the guidelines for children. Showbox will now exclusively offer movies in 480p or higher quality, according to the newest announcement. They will not be showing the most recent concerts that are listed in the hall print when you search for them.

When you search for hall or theatre prints, you will not find them in search searches. This is why the most recent videos aren’t available in the app. The software only includes printouts in HD or 480p resolution, not anything below. In its alternatives, you can get hall prints or other videos. Servers are being updated, and new updates will be available soon. So keep an eye out for them.

Showbox APK [v5.35] Download & Watch Movies

Showbox is one of the most widely used media and video streaming applications for Android users. It provides free movies and TV shows, with the added benefit of being able to download and view them later. Hundreds of new series and movies are added every week to the app’s high-quality video library, which includes some excellent shows and movies to watch. Showbox is the best way to avoid boredom.

Any movie may be streamed online with just a strong internet connection. Although it appears to be entertaining, the Showbox App is not available on the Google Play Store. Because it is not a Google approved app, you must obtain it from a reputable website or source. Because the application is sideloaded from the platform, it is difficult to locate and download. We will, however, explain how to download and install Showbox on your device.

How to Download Showbox APK?


Showbox is considerably easier to download and install than other applications that are sideloaded from the Play Store. You may easily download the apk from any of the reputable sources, but make sure you get the most recent version. Showbox 5.3 is now the most popular version, although it is difficult to get and download. We’ll go through every part of the programme in this guide, including how to download and install it safely.

Show Box is not a legal way to watch copyright-protected movies. Your IP address and whole viewing history will be visible to movie studios! (Do you really want movie studios to know what kind of films you enjoy?) Copyright infringement will almost certainly result in a lawsuit. It’s not worth the effort! Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other Best Legal apps (alternatives) are available.

Steps for Downloading latest version of Showbox App

  • Scan Below Button to Download Showbox Apk on your device. If you not able to scan you can use Download option provided at end of article.


  • Before you install the application, you are required to enable the installation of apps from external sources. Select Settings > open Security > permit Unknown Sources

ShowBox APK - Full Review and Download

  • Now click the Below button & download the apk file. If you are not able to download you can scan the below QR code ( provided at the end of article) .
  • Next, locate the downloaded apk file from the File Location

ShowBox APK - Full Review and Download

  • Click the Showbox apk to prepare the installation. It will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of the app, click Next

ShowBox APK - Full Review and Download

  • Hit the Install button and wait until the installation completes
  • Next, press the Open Button and explore the application or you can explore it later by clicking Done
  • When you open Showbox App for the first time, the application loads some data related to shows and movies. In case, if the app asks for an update when opened for the first time, you can update the app for smooth functioning. It is necessary as the older version might be filled with bugs. Updating it to the latest version will ensure a bug-free movie experience
  • When the data gets completely loaded, the application will present you with a gigantic list of movies and shows that you can watch and download for free

Showbox is up & working fine

We are not the Showbox app providers, and the content presented here is solely for educational purposes. We just assist visitors in determining where the app has gone and why. So that people will be aware of copyright infringements and will not use any such applications in the future.

Showbox is not linked with our website, and we are simply presenting the most up-to-date information on Showbox changes and features. Copyright infringement is not something we encourage. You can contact us if any of the content providers have any issues with the content on this website. We’ll work with you to remove that particular piece of content off the website. We simply give the most recent Showbox apk updates here.

Why does Showbox ask for age & Gender?

Have you ever wondered why Showbox prompts you for your age and gender when you initially launch the app? The majority of the time, the answer will be no, as we are unconcerned about it. However, it is a critical feature of the software. Many major websites recently reported that Showbox shares its data with movie studios. However, the reality is rather different.

The Showbox app does not exchange any data with third parties, although it can if requested. They keep the information hidden until no charges are brought against them. The age and gender are requested in order to provide you with more tailored content. It’s also utilised as a survey tool to test the Showbox app with different age groups. This is done in order to better personalise the user’s experience.

It has no impact on user privacy. The icing on the cake is good news. Showbox will be available for IOS in the near future, allowing users to watch infinite TV series and movies without having to use their Android devices.

Download Showbox for iOS

You will be disappointed to learn that there is no Showbox update available for you. As a result, you should look for a free alternative app for streaming movies, as it is beneficial to save money and time while searching for a high-quality movie streaming link on Google.

However, if you want to install Showbox for iOS, I have a solution for you that will undoubtedly help you in this situation. You can, however, use some other alternative programmes that perform similarly to Showbox. If you’re an iPhone user, Terrarium TV or MegaBox HD are good options because they’re cross-platform and have surpassed priority.

Download Showbox For PC

ShowBox APK - Full Review and Download Showbox for PC can’t be installed directly; you’ll need to use an Android emulator. It’s nothing to be concerned about; it’s simply a utility that allows you to download any Android app to your PC without having to go through any lengthy procedures. It’s a free tool that you can utilise depending on your needs and how you want to use Emulators.

It is, however, free and includes a few advantages, such as the ability to install Android apps and have them manage your accounts without any lag. If you’re unsure about which emulator to use, I recommend NOX Player because it’s really straightforward and easy to comprehend if you’re a rookie who hasn’t used one before. If you’ve used an emulator before, BlueStack is a great choice because it includes a few extra capabilities you’ll need.

Showbox No Internet Connection Error : Explained in Video


Showbox Apk Installing Guide:

Furthermore, it is a well-known truth that using Showbox is difficult, and you may encounter issues. There is no reliable resolution for errors such as video not available – try another server, server down error, Showbox cannot play this video, and so on.

There are methods for mitigating these errors, but there is no guarantee that they will stop occurring. The video or movie you’re trying to watch or download is no longer available in your region, according to these errors. Because Showbox isn’t available on Google Play, you won’t be able to approach Google for help, but you may always use VPN services.

  • Download a VPN server of your choice (Opera VPN or Turbo VPN – recommended)
  • Open the server and connect it to a US server
  • Go to Settings > Applications > Showbox> Storage> clear Cache memory and Data
  • Restart the application and see if the video you want to watch is loading correctly

Showbox Features :

Showbox application is filled with loads of features and functionalities that benefit the users while streaming a movie. Here are some of the advantages of using Showbox application for online video streaming.

  1. The first benefit of Showbox App is its 100% Free. Unlike other online video streaming applications, there are no monthly or annual subscription plans for Showbox. The developer understand the delight of watching movies for free.
  2. The second benefit of Showbox is that it streams HD videos. As movie lovers, we love to watch prints that are completely HD and have the best audio-visual quality. Showbox ensures that the users are enjoying HD quality video content. The best part about it is you can download the content in your required video format.
  3. The third benefit of the Showbox application is that it allows you to stream videos and from anywhere and anytime. The application is high-end as a smart TV and portable as a mobile. You can stream your favorite movies and shows while you are traveling or are relaxing back at home.
  4. NO Need to Signup or LOGIN to stream content.

Bug Fixes & Newly Added Features:

  • Showbox Music has added directly to the app itself, from now you can enjoy Music on the Go!
  • Some users had reported that the interface was not very responsive and made moving about the app very difficult. This bug has been taken care of and fixed in the current version.
  • Placing a floating button was earlier causing issues to the users but with ShowBox v5.09, this bug has got fixed, and now you can straightforwardly place a floating button on the right corner of the screen to start last played media.
  • If you have noticed that previously Showbox was loading at a reasonably slow speed that was so annoying for the users. This was actually due to the back end issue in the last version that got reported after some time. And now it has been resolved.
  • Some users have reported that the download feature would not work properly and also that the downloading of a particular file would stop automatically without completion. This issue has been taken care of and the bug has been fixed.
  • Selecting Manual language was not possible before.
  • Add a feature to open your video with Showbox App
  • Added inbuilt Games for fun. When you don’t have Internet Connection.
  • Added Upcoming Movie releases & Trailers
  • Newly introduced Track Your Friends features helps you to know what you friends are Streaming.

Best 15 Alternatives : Apps Like Showbox

  1. Moviebox
  2. Playbox HD
  3. Megabox HD
  4. Popcorn Time
  5. Teatv
  6. Tubitv
  7. Morpheus Tv
  8. Cyberflix Tv
  9. Free Felix HQ
  10. Netflix
  11. Prime Video
  12. Hulu Movies
  13. Fox Movies
  14. Sling Tv
  15. Thop TV

ShowBox APK Download

Are you looking for movie streaming apps or want to download movies and TV shows on your Android phone/tablet? You

Developer:Show Box
Size:36.70 MB
Release:15 – 03 – 2020
Playstore:Not available on Play store
Requirements:Internet connectivity for streaming or downloading movies, TV shows, and media content.
Package name:com.tdo.showbox

Download APK File

Click below to download the app.

How to download Showbox Apk

You can download the Show Box Apk files from the links given below. You can see all the versions of the Showbox.apk and download the latest one as it contains bugs fixed up in the previous versions and comes with more improvements.



Brief instructions

To download the Showbox APK program from this page, all you’ve got to do is click on the direct links.

I’ve provided direct links for this reason to prevent any further confusion or additional tabs. The links will start downloading immediately, with no pop-up, survey, or visit another site.

Once you download apk file, provide it with Android device permissions to set it up and run it. While on an iOS device, download and run it directly from the link provided.

All links we provide to download Show Box APK for Android/Tablet/PC are virus-free!

Conclusion – ShowBox APK – Full Review and Download

The latest version of the Showbox apk is packed with features and provides a better user experience. This time, you may also add subtitles to the videos. The processes outlined above are the most effective methods for downloading and installing Showbox. If you have any problems downloading it, you can always contact us.

The comments section below has all of the additional answers to the questions. Any user has the ability to ask any inquiry. We will respond to them as accurately as possible. Users can share information and video assets with their pals. We will tell you about additional popular applications if you visit our site. Many services have amazing features and functionality.



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