Singer explains why she put giant ‘I Hate Boston’ billboard up in the city

Actress and singer Reneé Rapp explained her ‘I Hate Boston’ billboard which mysteriously appeared in the North End neighbourhood this week.

A somewhat divisive billboard reading ‘I Hate Boston’ has been constructed in the North End neighbourhood of the city, prompting plenty of bemusement from locals and people online. The ‘I Hate Boston’ billboard is actually part of a promotion for Reneé Rapp’s debut album with the music artist herself explaining the purpose behind the billboard.

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Giant ‘I Hate Boston’ billboard pops up in North End

The ‘I Hate Boston’ billboard, capitalised for dramatic effect, sprung up in the North End neighbourhood of the city this week, with various people trying to work out what it meant.

The phrase ‘I HATE BOSTON,’ was plastered on a white background and stood out among the Boston skyline like a sore thumb.

According to The Boston Globe, it is located around Cooper St. and Cross St., but can be seen from a better view towards the intersection of Valenti Way and Beverly St.

Various onlookers and people online reacted to the remarkably blunt messaging, with some agreeing wholeheartedly with the slogan and others rejecting it.

‘Nobody in their right mind can hate the hub of the universe,’ one person said on Twitter.

‘I second that,’ someone else put.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with it, I love it since I’ve been here. It’s really beautiful. I can’t complain about it,” another said.

Reneé Rapp explains the significance of her ‘I Hate Boston’ slogan

It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to work out the ‘I Hate Boston’ billboard was the work of Reneé Rapp. Rapp, who is from from Huntersville, North Carolina, is known for playing Regina George in Mean Girls on Broadway and her role in HBO‘s Sex Lives of College Girls.

The billboard is actually just a marketing tool for the 23-year-old singer and actress, as she has a new album, Snow Angel, which will be released on Friday (18 August).

“It’s more fun when people don’t know, and are very curious as to why I would do such a thing, and it is to incite fights and arguments,” she told tells WBZ-TV. “Cause you guys are very good at that, and you love that.”

However, she doesn’t actually hate Boston at all. She just hates an ex who lives there, who is the subject of her new song, I Hate Boston, which is the second track from her new album.

“Dear Boston, your accents though harsh, are always memorable, unlike any performance from your beloved Celtics, and don’t get me started on your Red Sox,” Rapp told CBS News Boston . “Yes, I had my heart broken by one of your own, but I know I can’t place that blame on you. Dear Boston, I’m sorry for the slander, I love you forever, but I do hate that man.”

It’s a pretty ingenious marketing ploy that’s certainly got people talking about her new album.

You can listen to ‘I Hate Boston’ below:

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