Skift Hospitality & Marketing Summit: How Accor is Evolving Post Covid

In this video:

  • Defining Augmented Hospitality: How Accor has differentiated itself in the market by expanding into adjacent verticals and by building relationships with customers that allow the brand to remain relevant
  • Sustainable and regenerative travel trends: An exploration of the concepts of ‘soulful travel’ and ‘purpose as product’, and how Accor is serving travelers’ heightened interest in sustainable travel
  • Health & Safety: A look at the initiatives and technology Accor introduced to safeguard the health and safety of travelers and the broader community during the Covid-19 pandemic; and
  • Digitization: An investigation of Accor’s new business models and how the group is shifting from traditional physical amenities and services to virtual added value through new partnerships.

The last 18 months were fraught with changes in consumer behavior; work went remote, concern for health and wellbeing skyrocketed, and new values and sensibilities started to emerge specifically around travel.

Now, with travel beginning to open up, the question many companies are asking is: do we revert back to the way travel was before, or do we adapt the approach to reach a new breed of traveler in a post-vaccine world?

In this video from Skift’s Hospitality & Marketing Summit, we hear from Accor CMO, Steven Taylor, and Skift President, Carolyn Kremins who discuss how the group is evolving its mission and services to cater to customers in an industry, reborn.

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This content was created collaboratively by Accor and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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