SKTO token is an excellent investment. What about AKEY?

SKTO token is an excellent investment. What about AKEY? 


Shaktiio is an anti-liquidation protocol that offers great services. The company launched its native token SKTO on March 1, 2022. However, the sale will end on April 30, 2022. So, investors should hurry if they want to invest in this interesting project. Currently, 1 SKTO is trading for 0.145 USD, but the token’s value will increase over time. Its total supply is 1000000000. The platform accepts ETH and BTC in exchange for its coins.

You may ask, why this project? The main reason is its unique approach when it comes to lending or borrowing. When receiving a loan, many CeFi lending platforms prefer to use cryptos as collateral for the fulfillment of loan obligations. But the, cryptocurrencies are very volatile. Their price sometimes changes significantly during the day, and it definitely doesn’t stay stable for long periods of time.

However, the companies usually provide loans for long periods. For this reason, the amount of collateral is much higher than the amount of the main loan. Such an approach ensures that the amount of collateral will be sufficient to fulfill the loan obligations in case of a drop in crypto prices. But the amount of collateral is not always enough due to the long-term nature of loans.

Suppose the digital currency falls so much that the amount of collateral is not enough. In that case, the borrower can use the right to increase the amount of collateral, but that’s not always possible. On the other hand, if the borrower does not increase the amount of collateral, the company can forcibly liquidate the collateral. As a result, the borrower loses his collateral.


What does Shaktiio offer customers? 

 Shaktiio is different from other lending companies. It offers a useful Anti-liquidation protocol. The company guarantees that it won’t sell or forcibly liquidate cryptos serving as collateral for loans if, as a result of the fall of the crypto market, the amount of collateral becomes lower than the amount of debt.

In most cases, after a sharp plunge in the market, there is a correction and subsequent rebound. But, during sharp falls, the amounts of collateral secured by loans are liquidated. That further provokes the market. Fortunately, the use of the Anti-liquidation protocol will prevent such significant market declines. The company won’t liquidate the amount of collateral, and therefore it won’t allow mass sales of cryptocurrencies on its platform. With broad use, this system can help to avoid panic in the market and mitigate turbulence. Thus, the anti-liquidation protocol will contribute to the stabilization of the crypto market.

The development of the lending market, along with the broad application of trading products with the use of leverage, leads to the blocking of huge amounts of collateral. In the case of a sharp market plunge, mass liquidations will increase. They will further affect the market unless the developers create a mechanism and introduce it to prevent mass liquidations, especially in cases of mass sales, speculative actions, and market panic.

The anti-liquidation protocol will make the market much more stable and predictable. Thus, investors and traders won’t become subject to market manipulations, machinations, and speculations of whales. The Shaktiio team has made careful calculations that allow it to calculate the profitability of using the Anti-liquidation protocol for its platform.


How will the SKTO token aid this mission? 

The company created its native utility token to support the growth of its ecosystem. It will also use SKTO for further development. Thanks to it, Shaktiio users will get additional income while the project grows. Moreover, Shaktiio will provide rewards to the token holders, using incentive programs to attract more customers to the ecosystem. The team has specially developed a reward system to reward its token holders for their activity in the system, as well as simply holding SKTO.

The platform will enable users to solve various problems and get a loan for personal needs. Customers won’t have to be afraid that the company will forcibly liquidate loan collateral amount in the event of a sharp drop in the market. They won’t lose their collateral. Shaktiio aims to unite people from all over the world, regardless of their place of residence, social and legal status, citizenship, wealth, and education.


SKTO token is an excellent investment. What about AKEY? 

What about the AKEY token? 

AnuuTech launched its native token AKEY on February 24, 2022. It is very trending thanks to the project’s many benefits. However, the ICO sale will end on April 30, 2022. AKEY tokens’ total supply is 1,000,000,000.

This platform aims to solve the problems that traditional blockchain technologies face these days. Its goal is to solve decentralization, security, scalability, regulation, and applicability. The team is quite ambitious and wants to develop technology that will meet regulatory requirements. Its platform will facilitate secure business transactions. Furthermore, AnuuTech will aid different industries such as healthcare, IoT, supply chain, finance, etc., to grow and achieve success. Customers can employ its solutions for use cases in NFTs, Metaverse, and Defi.

The company’s decentralized 3-tiered node network has a modular design. According to the team, each module can operate independently. Users can secure a transaction on the AnuuTech network by using different trust levels. They can match the tier levels in AnuuTech’s node infrastructure.

However, a receiver must accept transactions for it to be complete. Until such time, a sender can cancel incomplete transactions. The receivers determine what level of trust is sufficient to accept each transaction. Depending on the existing trust between the sender and receiver, a layer three entry can be sufficient for some receivers. But others may want the transaction to cycle through all the verification layers.


How does AnuuTech’s platform work? 

The platform’s innovative collection layer provides API interfaces. The latter is code agnostic. Thus, customers can use the open JSON standard format with its payloads. They will be able to build their solutions on the platform. Every input is valid. The unique Proof of Hash consensus does not differentiate between transactions like a document, a coin, or a picture of users’ favorite pet. The company will provide proof of integrity.

While this platform is relatively new, it has an experienced team and offers great benefits. That’s why its token is so popular among Defi investors.


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