Snapback Culture Made Me Hate My Post-Baby Body. But I Fought Back

This approach drastically changed my relationship with my partner, too. Like many women post-birth, my sex drive was low. There are so many reasons for low libido. To start biologically,  after birth, we experience a drop in estrogen, which can cause low sex drive and vaginal dryness that may make sex painful. Also, people who breastfeed experience a rise in a hormone called prolactin, which stimulates milk production and further drives down estrogen. Then there are the many societal pressures that make it difficult to have a healthy sex life postpartum. There is this expectation that moms are able to do it all: They should be able to keep a home clean, get enough rest, stay healthy and fit, please their partners, and also be happy and loving every day of the week. But here’s the thing: Only a robot has the capacity to make this happen within a 24-hour day. It is nearly impossible and it’s definitely not sustainable. Still, this expectation to always have it together is why I struggled to feel sensual. Sensuality for me only comes when I feel balanced and healthful. 

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