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Escape Room Tournament of Champions is a survival horror film that marks the continuation of the story in 2019’s Escape Room. This time, it focuses on a group of survivors who succeeded in escaping the deadly game set up by Minos Escape Rooms Corporation and are now facing even more complex and dangerous escape rooms.

The film is a continuation of Escape Room, a psychological thriller directed by Adam Robitel and starring Taylor Russell as Zoey Sutton, Logan Miller as Benji Fisher, Deborah Ann Woll as Amanda Johnson, Jay Ellis as John Jones Jr., Daniela Velasco (aka Indya Moore) as Crystal Beaudry, and Tyler Labine as Matt Johnson.

Four strangers are chosen to participate in a dangerous escape game set up by Minos Escape Rooms Corporation in the film. The players have 45 minutes to solve each of the puzzles in their path.

And escape from each room before an airtight seal is locked on them. When all three teams fail this escape room game, they must face the consequences.

The sequel follows the same characters, except Crystal and Amanda, who are killed in a car accident. The remaining participants have to continue playing escape rooms by signing up for Minos’s new tournament, which will be streamed live on TV.

The first movie was an entertaining psychological thriller with mystery elements that kept viewers at the edge of their seats with its intense story. It’s no wonder that the sequel could entice a wide range of audiences, making it a box office success.

However, the Escape Room Tournament of Champions fails to deliver anything new or worthy for eager viewers. This time around, there are hints of romance between Zoey and Benji.

But the latter still talks about his ex-girlfriend as if she is in the picture. This makes it hard to determine what the next step will be for their relationship.

escape room 2 2

As viewers may have guessed, each survivor has a hidden agenda behind their participation in Minos’s tournament when they are faced with unforeseen problems. The characters bond well to move through the game together, making it easy for viewers to become invested in their survival.

Despite its shortcomings, this movie delivers performances that make up for a storyline with holes and plot twists that are too predictable. Logan Miller can still provide good performance as Benji, the whip-smart techie who always has a solution to all their problems. Taylor Russell is also worth mentioning for her comic relief scenes and relatable character portrayal.

The supporting characters, who are supposed to get a more prominent role in this sequel, make foolish decisions that seem forced to push the story forward. In one scene, Crystal suddenly falls from the ceiling without any prior developments or hints of what would happen next. This scene becomes an indication of what’s to come in the rest of the film.

The storyline is predictable and filled with plot holes. However, viewers will still enjoy watching it because of its outstanding performances from a great cast and engaging scenes that keep them entertained throughout the whole movie. With these elements in mind, this film deserves three out of five stars.

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Escape Room Tournament of Champions Streaming Options at Home

In order to watch Escape Room Tournament of Champions streaming, viewers have different options. They can make a subscription with cable or satellite TV service through their local provider or choose between VOD (Video on Demand) services such as iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Video, and FandangoNOW.

The best option to watch Escape Room 2 online is through You can visit the show’s channel and watch a trailer with all the essential information regarding the movie.

You will be able to find other videos that will let you know what’s happening in each escape room, as well as exclusive interviews, clips, and other promotional content.

DVD and Blu-Ray options are also available to watch Escape Room on DVD or Blu-Ray disc. You can either rent it from Redbox or purchase it at most local stores such as Wal-Mart.

escape room 2 6

Where to Stream Escape Room Tournament of Champions Online Free

How to watch Escape Room Tournament of Champions without cable? If you’re looking to watch it online, you can stream it cable-free with an antenna or other devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and others.

You might need to pay a small fee if you only want a month or two, but it’s a great way to stream Escape Room Tournament of Champions for free online.

You can use that money you save to cover your cable bill if you are really interested in watching the full movie on TV. It will be broadcasted and streamed through most channels throughout the month, while some other media only post it online for you to watch later.

The movie will be available for a limited time, so if you miss one of the airings, you can always use one of the many other ways to watch the movie.

escape room 2 4

Alternative Ways of Watching Escape Room Tournament of Champions Online Free

You can also watch Escape Room streaming without paying with Hulu. It is an excellent service to stream TV shows, but the movie catalog includes only around 2,000 titles.

To locate Escape Room Tournament of Champions online free on Hulu, you need to make sure that it’s available in your region first.

TV cable and satellite services allow subscribers to use their login to watch TV shows and other content through the service’s website. You can also use it to watch the Escape Room Tournament of Champions online for free in some cases.

The downside is that you will need a monthly subscription with your provider to make it work.

escape room 2 5

How to Watch Escape Room 2 for free on Roku

Using a TV antenna to stream movies for free on your Roku can be tricky. However, some services offer it as one of their options, such as Yidio. You do need a subscription to the service, but it’s a way to watch for free.

Using an antenna is one of the simplest ways to watch movie streaming on your Roku 3. There are several solutions out there that will allow you to do it, and it doesn’t require any additional hardware or equipment.

If you want to stream Escape Room Tournament of Champions for free on Roku 4, you should know that it requires you to use a paid service.

The problem is that there are almost no decent ones out there to choose from, and your best option is to get Sling TV or DirecTV Now if you want any hope at all.

How to Watch Escape Room 2021 on Chromecast Without Restrictions

If you want to stream Escape Room Tournament of Champions online on Chromecast, you will have to use PS Vue or Sling TV. These are the only services that work with this device, and you can use them without paying for any subscription.

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