Sour Widows discuss their favorite albums & songs of 2022

Bay Area-based indie folk trio Sour Widows released a couple of singles this year, and confirmed that their debut LP is on the way, due sometime in 2023. As this year draws to a close, we’ve been asking artists about what their favorite music has been, and Sour Widows made us a list of some of their favorite songs and albums of 2022, including Babehoven, Living Hour, Pile, Sasami, Alex G, and more. Read on for their list and commentary.

Sour Widows’ Favorite Releases of 2022

Babehoven – Light Moving Time (Hudson, NY)

Nobody does it like Babehoven. Deeply touching music made by truly gifted artists. We cry every time we listen to these songs. Best band in the world.

Dari Bay – “Shy Of A Nurse” (single from upcoming album The Longest Day Of The Year, Burlington, VT)

Do not sleep on Dari Bay. Some of songwriter Zack James’ most catchy and accessible material. It heralds an upcoming album we are so excited for!

Living Hour – Someday Is Today (Winnipeg)

Our Winnipeg buddies bring together heavy slowcore sentiment and the lightness of airtight vocals and synth. What a perfect combination.

They Are Gutting A Body Of Water – Lucky Styles (Philly, PA)

Shoegaze + hyperpop = hypergaze. Album highlight “delta p”

Pile – “Loops” (single from upcoming album All Fiction, Boston, MA)

Everything Pile does rules. This feels like a new moment for the band. It is really twisted and special.

Disco Doom – “Mt. Surreal” (song from Mt. Surreal, Zurich)

EIS branded slowcore from Zurich. Crushing.

Spacemoth – No Past No Future (Bay Area, CA)

We are so lucky to know Maryam Qudus as an engineer, and even more blessed to hear this unique collection of songs. She is clear and uncompromising in her delivery. Cannot wait to hear more.

Sasami – Squeeze (LA)

This album slits throats.

Angel Olsen – Big Time

The only thing better than Angel Olsen is Gay Angel Olsen, and that is what she gave us. Thank you Angel.

Alex G – “Blessings” (song from God Save the Animals, heaven, @god)

Sandy is channeling something frightening on this song; it is addictive. When we saw him live he pretended to have a bad back and hobbled around the stage whispering into the mic. I don’t get how he comes up with this stuff and I don’t care. Need more.

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