Spider-Man and Mary Jane outfits are coming to Fortnite today | VGC

Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite‘s previously announced Spider-Man outfit will be available today, along with a Mary Jane one.

The new outfits are designed to look like Tom Holland and Zendaya, and are being released to tie in with the cinema launch of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Players will be able to use a built-in emote to put on and take off Spider-Man’s mask.

The black and gold suit, which makes an appearance in the new movie, will also be available.

Fortnite – Winterfest 2021 trailer

Epic says the outfits will appear in the Item Shop today from 4pm PT / 7pm ET / midnight GMT.

The outfits are part of the Winterfest 2021 event, which also starts today and runs until January 6, 2022.

The event also include the reopening of the Winterfest Lodge, where players will be given free gifts every day for the next 14 days.

These gifts include two Outfits, two Pickaxes, two Wraps, a Glider, Contrail, Emote, Lobby Track, Loading Screen, Emoticon, Spray, and Banner.

The two outfits will be Krisabelle (a festive version of Isabelle) and Polar Peely (a banana made of ice).

Spider-Man and Mary Jane outfits are coming to Fortnite today

Fortnite Chapter 3 started earlier this month, featuring a new, flipped island, new challenges and a new battle pass headlined by Spider-Man.

At the end of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was revealed to be the voice of The Foundation, leader of The Seven, an organization in Fortnite that maintains order across the various dimensions that encompass Fortnite. A skin for his character is also earnable via the Chapter 3 battle pass.

Chapter 2 concluded with a live event called The End, during which players saw the island flipped upside down.

Epic announced recently that it had acquired Rock Band and Dance Central creator Harmonix “to create musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite”.

Alain Tascan, Epic’s vice president of game development, said: “Music is already bringing millions of people together in Fortnite, from our emotes to global concerts and events. Together with the Harmonix team we will transform how players experience music, going from passive listeners to active participants.”

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