Spring Awakening Documentary Director Michael John Warren Talks Universal Themes, Jonathan Groff, and More (EXCLUSIVE)

Distractify: What was your personal experience with Spring Awakening? Why did you want to direct the documentary?

Michael John Warren: Believe it or not, I’d never seen Spring Awakening prior to getting involved in this project. It’s my wife’s favorite musical, and I knew it was special. As a documentarian, I think not being an expert in something can be a benefit. This movie is not just for Spring Awakening fans. It’s not just for Broadway fans. I wanted to make a film that stood on its own.

I wanted this to be the kind of film that anyone could watch and not feel lost because I think that the themes contained within the film are really, really important…There’s something bigger and more profound that’s at play in the original show and within this film as well.

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