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How do you use the boost pack in Starfield?

Using the boost pack in Starfield is one of the best ways to get around planets, as not only does it mitigate fall damage, but depending on the boost pack, you can really make your way across huge expanses of space quickly.

But where do you get the boost pack? When do you get the boost pack in Starfield and how do you use it? Keep reading our guide to find out.

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Starfield Boost pack: How to use the boost pack in Starfield

In order to use your Boost Pack in Starfield, you’re going to have to choose the Boost Pack Training skill. The Boost Pack is ideal for flanking around enemies, and it makes getting across the world of Starfield much easier.

In order to unlock extra perks, you just need to level up once, which is fairly quick at the start of the game. Once you’ve unlocked the perk, make sure you have a boost pack in your inventory and that it’s equipped.

If you’re interested in getting a better boost pack, they are sold in most general stores and weapons shops that are dotted around the galaxy.

The boost pack training skill is one of the essential skills that you should grab early in the game. If you’re looking to find out what essential perks you should purchase, check out our extensive guide to Starfield perks.

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