Stream Downward’s slowcore-ish new song “Real Green Dollars”

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Downward are named after the Hum album Downward Is Heavenward and their previous material sounded a lot like their namesake, but they go in a noticeably different direction on “Real Green Dollars,” the first taste of their upcoming five-song EP The Brass Tax. It’s sort of a crackling, folky slowcore song that starts out sounding like a cross between The Microphones and Duster, and Downward take that in all kinds of thrilling and unexpected directions.

“A lot of the time, there is no such thing as ‘coming out on top,'” the band says. “The Brass Tax is a record about losing time and people. We started writing in mid 2020, and finished recording last October. This is a much larger amount of time than I would typically give towards anything creative, and even with there being no pressure on us, the whole process has felt intense. The single track, ‘Real Green Dollars’ is a song about going to work forever.”

The EP was written, arranged and recorded by the band and mixed by Phillip Odom. It comes out February 25 via New Morality Zine, and you can stream the new track below.

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